Why Is Nitrous Oxide Used in Whipped Cream Chargers?

Nitrous oxide is the number one component that you need to have in whipped cream chargers. Without it, the whole canister is useless and will never perform its popular method of squeezing that frothy goodness you always love to top on your desserts and cold drinks. There is a bit of science regarding how the whipped cream chargers work with nitrous oxide. There’s also science on how it assists in not just keeping your whipped cream foamy but preserving it for a very long time.

What Is Nitrous Oxide

First of all, you should get to know what nitrous oxide is. Nitrous Oxide, or N2O, is a type of gas composed of two primary gases: nitrogen and oxygen. I do not know how nitrogen and oxygen’s chemical compounds work. But as far as I know, the amount of nitrogen molecules is above one compared to the oxygen molecules, which is why there are 2 after the N. 

But anyway, N2O is an inert gas that naturally occurs. It is a colorless and non-flammable gas, making it very safe to handle and contain in a whipped cream charger even when stored at home during hot weather. N2O is also known for medical purposes, as it’s used as an anesthesia, which results in the creation of the laughing gas that doctors use on their patients to put them to sleep during surgery. N2O is also used in large amounts as an additive to fuels so it can boost its combustion.

N2O is often used in tiny amounts if it’s going to be used as a food additive. At this point, it’s considered food-grade, as it’s perfectly safe for consumption and cannot be used as a means of recreation. Let’s start understanding how N2O works with whipped cream chargers and how it affects your whipped cream.

How N2O Works In Whipped Cream Chargers

How N2O works in the whipped cream chargers is very simple: it traps the substance in the whipped cream canister, automatically whipping it since no more oxygen can liquefy the cream. Because there is no more oxygen, the first benefit of N2O is that it preserves the quality of the food since it inhibits bacteria, ensuring that it will not last even a second inside the canister packed with N2O. 

Bacteria live through oxygen like humans, and the help of N2O ensures that the bacteria will never have any space to “breathe” inside the whipped cream canisters. Because of this, they will never be able to grow fast, preventing spoilage to occur. Combine this with the very cold temperature of your fridge, and rest assured that your whipped cream will last for up to 2 weeks.

Thus, the whipped cream inside the sealed canister and charger does not have oxygen in it but N2O. Oxygen plays a role in why cream stays liquid. With the help of N2O replacing the oxygen in the sealed canister, the cream’s bubbles will remain intact and will keep a foamy consistency that seems more solid gas than liquid in terms of form. 

This N2O is responsible for “whipping” the cream inside the canister. Take note that whipping is a process wherein the bubbles of the cream are trapped to ensure that they won’t liquefy anymore. Instead of mixing for around 4 minutes, placing it directly in a whipped cream canister packed with N2O does the same process anyway. This saves you a lot of time and helps you prepare the foamy whipped cream people love spraying over their food.

N2O also ensures that the whipped cream will become foamy, as the N2O is used to push it out of the canister through the charger using its gas pressure. This allows the cream to remain whipped, as the charger makes sure that the cream is also “whipped” in its way once you press the nozzle of the canister.

However, another well-known benefit that N2O can provide for your whipped cream is that it can raise the volume of the cream itself, allowing you to enjoy more than you expected. Oxygen is also known to be capable of performing this feat, but N2O can double what oxygen can provide. This can save you a lot of money if you make lots of whipped cream, making it perfect for business. You can find nitrous oxide cylinders for sale online. You can buy nitrous oxide cheaply as cream chargers from various online sellers. 

Whipped cream chargers are unique in their mechanism and how they operate the N2O gas sealed in them. However, be sure to use the whipped cream canister immediately once you install the whipped cream charger, as the N2O gets used immediately when you do so. So, if you are not yet prepared to use the whipped cream, just keep the N2O since it’s safe to store and always ready to use since it’s sealed upon purchase!