The Best Drinks To Have Whipped Cream On Top

Whipped cream has been a great companion to several foods, which have been used as a dip, a garnish, or as a key ingredient. For sure you also know that whipped cream is also widely popular in restaurants and cafes that serve quality drinks. There are a wide variety of drinks that can become creamy, or perhaps mildly sweet, once whipped cream is applied.

The whipped cream can also serve as a garnish over your drinks to make it perfect for taking pictures. Also, the whipped cream is mixed with the drink, rather than placing it only on top, to add creaminess to the drink’s texture.

If you use whip cream chargers and a whipped cream dispenser it makes whipping cream just so simple and quick you will want to put whipped cream on everything. You can buy cheap cream chargers online.

Dalgona Coffee

The pandemic period turned a lot of social media users into coffee enthusiasts for a short while by making Dalgona Coffee. This is a type of coffee that uses instant coffee, sugar, hot water, and milk. Adding whipped cream on top of this makes the Dalgona Coffee great for posting over social media.


Whether you use strawberry, chocolate, avocado, or perhaps plain vanilla milkshake, whipped cream serves as an excellent garnish on top of the already milky drink. The whipped cream adds more creaminess to the milkshake, and also serves as a fun treat once you finish the drink from the bottom of your glass.


Frappes, coffee, or other milk-based mixtures blended with crushed ice, oftentimes have whipped cream applied on top of it as well. Some would add up drizzling the whipped cream with caramel or chocolate syrup to make the frappe flavorful. Most coffee shops consider this as a standard when selling their frappes to customers. 

Biscoff Drink

Social media has this way of making adding sweets over sweets to make it not just picture-perfect, but also very indulging. Biscoff has been a favorite add-on by social media users over the whipped cream on their cold glass of milk.


To those who don’t know this yet, horchata is a popular drink in Mexico. It is made of rice, sugar, and cinnamon then is created Dalgona-style by adding milk, heavy cream, and the horchata powder. This tasty drink is just perfect for the hot weather, and whipped cream just makes it look and taste better.

Milk Tea

Often rarely done, milk tea is also great with whipped cream. This makes the milk tea even milkier than before and is just good to take pictures with for most social media users. Have a bit of sinker with your milk tea, and it would create an amazing combo with whipped cream. In addition, you can also upgrade your milk tea whipped cream with a reusable boba cup that has a minimalist aesthetic and doesn’t look like a typical boba or milk tea container. To start creating your own bubble tea here are the best bubble tea kits

Alcoholic Drinks, Perhaps?

Whipped cream has become a fine addition to numerous cocktail concoctions made by baristas in beaches and bars where parties are present. These are the ones that most ladies prefer, especially if they want to avoid the taste of liquor as they dance with their friends on a fine night. Several mixes have been created already around the world, where whipped cream was used as either a garnish or as a sweetener.

So be sure to prepare your  whipped cream canister, and try out these drinks to make it taste even better, and to somewhat get rid of that strong liquor flavor: 

  • Blow Job –  A type of shooter with wild varieties and methods. Whether you use Amaretto, Galliano, Vodka, and Kahlua, whipped cream and Irish cream are perfect add-ons to this popular party drink.
  • Grand Coffee –  This coffee-based cocktail is made with Grand Marnier, then added with milk and whipped cream on top to keep you alive for the whole party.
  • Adult Chocolate Milk –  As the name suggests, this is a drink for the grown-ups, despite its flavor being a kid’s favorite. It’s made of adding rum, Irish cream, a lot of chocolate syrup or powder (mixed with hot water to make it syrupy), and then sprayed with whipped cream. 
  • Piña Colada –  This popular cocktail can be served with whipped cream on top to add a dash of creaminess. 
  • The Trio –  This drink needs you to mix Tequila Rose, Mozart Liqueur, and a dash of whipped cream. The creaminess of this alcoholic drink makes it feel like you’re drinking a milkshake if you add crushed ice to it.
  • Sticky Jack –  The Jack Daniels-based shooter is concocted by adding maple syrup, cherry, and some whipped cream to make it sticky around your mouth, yet satisfyingly sweet.
  • Coconut Cream Pie –  This drink only needs you to use coconut rum and whipped cream. As the name suggests, its creaminess is a surprise indeed.
  • Apple Bomb –  This is a mixture of apple juice, whipped cream, and vodka. This ladies’ drink can also be mixed with cinnamon for a bit of spice, as it’s perfect on the apple juice as well.

The following are just a few of the hundreds of drinks that you can add with whipped cream on top or as an ingredient. It just requires you to have the appetite for sweets, as well as a bit of culinary and barista creativity, to mix an indulging drink with whipped cream.

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