What is a Huge titan? Rod Reiss titan size explained AOT

Unveiling the enigma that is Rod Reiss, the transformation of this once mysterious character into a formidable Titan has captivated fans of Attack on Titan. In this article, we dive deep into the intriguing story behind Rod Reiss’s metamorphosis, shedding light on the secrets that have long shrouded his true nature.

As we delve into the world of Titans, one can’t help but be enthralled by the complexities of Rod Reiss’s transformation. From the murky depths of uncertainty, he emerges as a force to be reckoned with, leaving fans shocked and curious about his origins. How did this former human become a seemingly unstoppable Titan?

Through meticulous research and analysis, we unravel the layers of this captivating character, guiding you through the events that led to Rod Reiss’s ultimate metamorphosis. Drawing on critical moments and revelations from the popular anime series, we explore the path that brought Rod Reiss to wield the power of the Titans.

Prepare to be mesmerized as we unveil the mystery behind Rod Reiss’s transformation into a Titan, offering insights that will deepen your understanding and appreciation for this compelling character.

The history of Rod Reiss and his role in the Attack on Titan series

Rod Reiss’s introduction in the Attack on Titan series initially painted him as a shadowy figure lurking in the background of the chaotic world inhabited by humans and Titans. His family, the Reiss family, held a position of power within the Walls, leading many to question their true motives and the extent of their knowledge about the Titans.

As the story unfolded, it became clear that Rod Reiss played a pivotal role in the grand scheme. He was the true ruler of the Walls, pulling the strings behind the scenes. However, it wasn’t until his transformation into a Titan that the full magnitude of his significance was revealed.

The mysterious nature of Rod Reiss’s Titan form

Unlike any other seen in the Attack on Titan series, Rod Reiss’s Titan form is a sight to behold. Towering over the landscape, it exudes an aura of power and terror, leaving viewers in awe. Its massive size and grotesque appearance are a stark contrast to the sleek and agile Titans we are accustomed to seeing.

What sets Rod Reiss’s Titan form apart is its unique physiology. Unlike other Titans, it lacks skin and muscle, exposing its raw, pulsating flesh. This distinctive feature adds to the unsettling nature of his transformation, leaving viewers with a sense of unease and curiosity about the origins of this unusual Titan.

Steam Emission

As stated earlier, the colossal titan has absolute control over the quantities of steam that its titan form can emit. Typically, most Titans generate steam through wounds. Their bodies vaporize and turn into steam after receiving a deathly blow. The huge Titan could generate as much steam as possible to scare people away from its nape.

The huge Titan can utilize steam-emitting power in numerous ways. First, the pressure and intensity from producing a significant amount of steam can burn and drive off any individual near the Huge Titan that is not set in place.

However, if the Colossal Titan is attached to an individual, the heat will sear them at the Titan’s mercy.

In the real sense, overexertion of this ability harms the Titan. For instance, it can reduce muscle mass until its skeletal structure becomes prominent.

In special circumstances, the Huge Titan could vaporize its entire body at a go and vanish immediately. Somehow, the user becomes unavoidably vulnerable and has no means to guard against a fall from a high altitude where the Titan once was. However, the user can assuage this disadvantage by donning an omnidirectional gear (ODM gear). The gear drives excellent mobility when facing the Titan during combat.

An excellent example is after the Huge Titan showed up in Trost. It released a significant amount of steam to repel Jaeger from its nape.

Explosive Transformation

Do you happen to know? Even though all Titans produce large quantities of steam and energy, the Huge Titan has upgraded. That is, it can engineer the power generated during transformation to create various effects.

For example, when Bertholdt confronted Trost, his transformation generated a wind blast. The blast threw some cadets over the wall.

However, Bertholdt produced a quantity of energy comparable to a small nuclear device during combat in the Shiganshina District. The energy gutted a portion of the district and set the surroundings ablaze. It killed a massive number of Scout Regiment officers.

Somehow, the transformation also created a giant mushroom, rubble, and dust. Arielt utilized the explosive transformation to erase nearly all the Marleyan naval fleet at Liberio in a damaging explosion. The action produced energy waves and damaged the port.


The Huge Titan is notorious for its magnificent size. It is sixty meters high enough to squint over the top of the Walls. Its molecular weight allows it to have massive physical strength. But the real point is that its large size steadies its movements. That is to say, it moves rather slowly.

However, the Huge Titan is strong enough to devastate the outer gate of the Wall Maria with a swift kick. It can throw entire buildings in the air, allowing Eren Yeager to glide from the tip of the Wall Maria.

What’s more? The size of the Colossal Titan’s arms is not akin to the rest of its body. This means that compared to the lower part of its body, its upper part has lesser strength.

Armin also utilizes the Huge Titan’s immense size and strength to destroy the Marleyan ships by stamping on them after his transformation.

How Did Rod Reiss Have a Huge Titan Form?

Rod Reiss, also known as “Lord Reiss,” was the monarch of the Walls from 845 to 850. In the real sense, Rod’s primary goal was to return a stolen Titan to his family. He intended to achieve this by ensuring that his daughter (Historia) ate Eren Yeager.

Human Form

As Historia, Rod was a petite person. But compared to Historia, he had short black hair. Rod was also slightly overweight.

Rod was always attired in the clothes of a prominent figure. Of course, he was. He would wear a shirt with a pullover chest, then pants and dress shoes. All his attires are typically the black and white color combo. In some cases, it might be white alone.

However, during Titan rituals and family meetings, Rod wears a shirt, a pant, and a long coat.


Rod seems to have a calm and collected personality. But at the same time, he often looks slightly discouraged and worried. Rod is an intelligent and wise person. It is apparent in how he spoke about when his brother (Uri) and his daughter (Frieda) secured and lost the Founding Titan.

Rod kept a level head with Ackerman, Historia, and Eren. He even comported himself well after Ackerman grabbed him by the throat and tried to slit the latter.

However, when Historia squashed the serum, Rod became agitated and erratic. He became devastated and cried when the syringe smashed into smithereens and licked the serum on the floor.

Transformation into a Huge Titan Form: How?

Rod could have transformed into a Huge Titan in different ways. It could also be a combination of several factors. As stated earlier, Rod had consumed the serum.

But do you happen to know? The serum was designed specifically for history. Rod licked it from the floor instead of inoculating it into his bloodstream. We know that he didn’t consume the entire dosage. However, he’s still a member of the Royal Family. It means he shared the slightest affinity with the abnormal or distinctive Titans.

Essay-reviewer.com has stated that abnormal Titans uniquely come into existence. They emerged because they failed to consume the correct quantity of Titan serum. The abnormal Titans showcase distinct traits from typical traits.

For instance, chances are that Rod didn’t consume the serum correctly. This way, he became a distinct Titan who was much more extensive and bent out of shape than other Titan breeds.

Rod was so famous because of his vast size. His appearance does not come close to his human form except for his masculine structure, as most Titans are. Reiss expanded to become one of the most enormous Titans in history, 120 meters in height. That is to say, he was twice as big as the Huge Titan, which is sixty meters in height.

Reiss was known for its skeletal structure; nearly all his bones were visible. He doesn’t have a face, and half of his head has deformed due to friction against the ground. However, Rod could restore his face if he stopped dragging his head on the ground.

Strangely enough, Rod’s body displayed a specific structure and design akin to a worm. He could stretch and contract his torso like a worm.

Like the Huge Titan, his immense size slowed his movements and produced significant heat. The heat he released was so intense that it was challenging to go near him without getting scalded.

Titan Shifters

Rod received a Huge Titan serum. The story reveals that the serum could change Historia into a strong titan.

The question arises: who are the strongest titans?

They are the shifters. If they are unconscious, they could become pure titans. But they cannot transform into a Huge Titan. Rod didn’t think it was an excellent idea to limit himself to a sixty-meter titan type, so we believe that he transformed into the distinct Huge Titan to that end.

Why Did Rod Reiss turn into a Huge Titan?

Perhaps most people believe that it was because of how Reiss consumed it. But let’s look at it from another angle. First, chances are that it was not how he drank the serum. Instead, it was what Reiss swallowed. He had consumed the most potent Titan serum.

Another reason hinged on the themes of willpower, ambitions, and goals that formed a significant part of the story. We are sure Reiss strongly desired to change into something that could help him achieve his goals. However, he became a Titan in the real sense as he expanded in physical and mental strength because of his ambition.

We all know that Reiss is part of the Royal Family. In this case, they have a particular influence over the Ymir people.

We believe that the royal members who do not have the Founding Titan have a strong relationship with the Ymir and the rest of the elders. So, Rod might have persuaded them to make him powerful and influential.


Q1: Why did Rod Reiss turn into a huge Titan?

A: Rod Reiss’s transformation was influenced by ingesting a potent Titan serum, emphasizing the nature of the serum itself rather than just the consumption process.

Q2: What themes contributed to Rod Reiss’s transformation?

A: Themes of willpower, ambitions, and goals prevalent in the “Attack on Titan” series played a significant role in Rod Reiss’s transformation into a colossal Titan.

Q3: How did Rod Reiss leverage his Royal Family status?

A: As a member of the Royal Family, Rod Reiss likely used his influence over the Ymir people to negotiate for strength and empowerment.

Q4: Why did Rod Reiss desire to become a Titan?

A: Rod Reiss’s strong desire for change and the pursuit of his goals fueled his ambition to become a Titan, both mentally and physically.

Q5: How did Rod Reiss influence the Ymir and the elders?

A: As part of the Royal Family, Rod Reiss may have persuaded the Ymir and the elders to grant him power and influence, contributing to his transformation into a huge Titan.

Conclusion and the future of Rod Reiss’s character in Attack on Titan

Rod Reiss’s transformation into a Titan has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on fans of Attack on Titan. The mysteries surrounding his true nature and the implications of his Titan form continue to captivate audiences, leaving them eagerly anticipating the next chapter in his story.

As the series progresses, it remains to be seen how Rod Reiss’s character will evolve and his role in resolving the conflict between humans and Titans. Will he stay a formidable adversary or transform into a different kind, perhaps finding redemption or a deeper understanding of his actions?

Only time will tell, but one thing is sure—Rod Reiss’s transformation into a Titan has forever altered the landscape of Attack on Titan, leaving a lasting legacy that will be remembered long after the series reaches its conclusion.

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