Design Ideas and Comparison of Marble Tiles |Asian statuary marble

Marble is suitable for use on walls, floors, roofs, and worktops. This precious stone can be used to beautify your patio, pool, Lawn, walkways, fountain, and entrance.

When it comes to architectural decorating, natural stones are regarded as a luxury alternative. Natural stones are the ideal material for decorating both interior and exterior environments due to their earthy appearance, natural beauty, and environmental friendliness. Marble is the most precious of all-natural stones. 

It is the most well-known natural stone, utilized significantly by architects, sculptors, and artists across history. This stone is famous for its dazzling appeal and its capacity to transform any environment into something ten times more appealing. Marble is the king of elegance, hence it comes at a massive price.

Marble is mined in mountains and then delivered to companies where it is transformed into tiles, patios, slabs, and mosaics. It comes in a wide range of beautiful colors and shades, as well as distinct veining designs and textures. Branded marble products come in a variety of styles, with polish it is the most popular because it improves the refractive properties of marble.


Many elements come into account while comparing marbles. If we consider price, the uniqueness of the marble impacts its cost. For example, Calacatta marble is more pricey because of its scarcity, whereas Carrara is widely available, making it accessible for most households. Other characteristics that distinguish marble types include the stone’s smoothness, the amount of pollutants present, and the number of defects in its texture.

Buy Asian Statuary Marble tile is a traditional stone in Western History. Because so many amazing works of sculpture (statues) were created using this marble as the artist’s main choice. This stone is notifying for the characteristic grey veins that flow across the visual given with its tiles, slabs, and patterns. It is located in the Carrara region of Italy.

It’s important to remember that marble is a natural stone that has been mined and utilized as a construction material for ages. Two fantastic examples are the Taj Mahal and the Lincoln Memorial. Your house will have plenty of company.

There is no such thing as a decent or terrible marble type. Any marble variety which you think is ideal for your project can be purchased. The choice of marble is based on the owner’s preferences, price, and ability to sustain their marble setup.

Design Ideas:

The outcomes are always worth it, regardless of where marble items are installed. This natural stone can bring both appearance and grace. Regardless of the sort of stone used, its brilliance is apparent. Consumers can choose the marble that best matches the color and design plan of their house, but with so much diversity in the industry, this will be a challenging task.

So, to assist you, we’ve compiled a list of beautiful layout ideas which use marble in various style palettes and marble varieties.

Bathroom Design Ideas:

In the bathroom, marble may transform the space into a work of art. Marble can use for floors, walls, bathtubs, countertops, sinks, and even backsplashes. Including the designs, the opportunities are unlimited. The following are some of the most stylish marble bathroom design concepts:

  • The Asian statuary marble bath looks fantastic. You can design a clean yet attractive bathroom with the use of a white marble top, silver bath fixtures, a white inset, and a white drop-in bathtub.
  • Use Asian statuary marble for the flooring, along with Calacatta Gold marble for the worktop, to create a striking yet luxurious white marble design. 
  • This bathroom can fit for royalty with gold-plated shower and toilet fixtures.
  • If you have Calacatta marble in your restroom, a corner tub with a marble top would make it appear more wide and magnificent. Use a glazed shower wall to protect the decor while separating the shower region from the bathroom design.
  • Decorate the shower region with mosaic Emperador Black marble tiles, as well as the remaining bathroom with stacked adhesive placed on Emperador Dark marble. To accent, the marble texture, add bronze bathroom fixtures and white bathroom decor.
  • If you’re working with a limited budget, a variety of tile patterns in Asian statuary marble and Carrara marble is a good option. Decorate the floor with Carrara mosaic tiles and three-quarters of the walls with normal-sized subway tiles. Choose a color for the remaining walls. To get a unified aesthetic, pair a Carrara worktop with a basic vanity.

 Wall Design Ideas:

Painting and wallpaper were once the main alternatives for interior decorations. Natural stone accented walls are stunning and invigorating. No matter what marble material is choosing, marble on walls appears amazing. Some of the alternative designs for marble are mentioned here.

  • If your room has a hardwood floor, decorate the walls with large Asian statuary marble tiles e.g. glazed terracotta tiles. For a stylishly trendy design, go with a small square layout and a fancy white marble-covered chimney.
  • If white marble isn’t your style, then black marble can be utilized instead. When choosing black marble, the only thing that requires consideration is the lighting.
  • Marble tiles are also used to decorate just one wall of your room. As an elegant touch, this marble-tile wall is used.
  • Decorative walls with a tumbled marble surface, especially when combined with a conventional fireplace, appear magnificent in living spaces.

Flooring Design Ideas:

No matter what space they are in, marble floors are elegant. With this beautiful stone, you can never go wrong when it comes to flooring. However, many homeowners struggle with determining which design to choose when putting in Venato marble tile. We’ve compiled a selection of marble flooring designs that look amazing regardless of the type of marble utilized.

  • The regular pattern is another name for the stack bond pattern. The horizontal orientation of this design is dominant to huge tiles. So, that pattern works well in spaces that need to appear larger. This item is suitable for use in the kitchen, bedroom, and living areas.
  • A subway trend, often known as a brick trend, is ideal for decorating the floor of a tiny bathroom. It looks wonderful on a patio or walkway, especially if the boundary is made of a contrasting marble hue.
  • Every modern style lover’s desire comes true with a tile backsplash and marble floor in a high-polished texture. It looks amazing no matter which variation of the herringbone pattern is utilized. This design can use for floors in modern kitchens and trendy baths.
  • With its elegance, a decoration looks gorgeous and may combine to create complicated designs, like black and white checkered marble flooring. The diamond pattern can use to create stunning periodic designs that suit the overall look of the area.
  • Include marble mosaics and medallions in your floor ideas to bring out your creative side. Residents may add a grand touch to their halls and lobbies with marble mosaics and medallions, which come in a variety of geometric shapes and innovative multi-color themes.


Marble is a substance that can use in a variety of ways. It’s suitable for use on walls, floors, roofs, chimney surrounds, and worktops. You may use this fantastic stone to beautify your terrace, swimming pool, yard, walkways, waterfall area, and entrance. 

The only thing a user must remember is to maintain the marble flooring. Marble installations shall sweep every day with a delicate clean cloth and kept clean each week with stone specialist cleansers. To keep their shine, they must have to re-polish and reseal every year. If these guidelines are fulfilled, marble surfaces can appear brand new.

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