5 Simplest Ways To Improve Your PPC Performance – Let’s uncover the surprises!

Most of you are wondering how to boost the PPC marketing performance. Despite using so many marketing tactics, people fail to achieve the desired results and meet the marketing goals. Is that what you are dealing with?

Guys, in this article, we are going to share a few ways following which you can improve your PPC performance and get results with minimum efforts. Not just they are easy, they are equally surprising.

Don’t just rush to a PPC marketing company in Delhi without learning the basic needs. Plenty of things need to be considered when you are crafting a PPC marketing campaign. Just review your PPC ads and find the areas where you have gone wrong.

Till then, we would like to share the simple ways that can bring awesome results through your PPC ad campaign.

We guess you have heard about ad extensions. They are designed to add fuel to the pay-per-click campaigns. If you want to take your ad campaign to the next level, you must think about integrating these extensions to your Google ads.

Find the top 5 ad extensions below.

  1. Location extensions: With location extensions, you can include your business address or any other contact details, making your ad much more reliable to the audience. Putting your authentic business information, you can make it easier for the target viewers to reach out to your location directly. The address remains visible whenever the ad is displayed on the search results.

  2. Call extensions: Call extensions is similar to the location extensions. Here you can integrate your contact number with the PPC ad and make it visible to the audience. Call extensions are clickable. This allows the users to call the business directly from the ad. Call activity can be easily measured. Hence, this can be an easiest way to check the performance of the ad via call metrics.

  3. Sitelinks extensions: Sitelinks extensions enable the business to add multiple links to the ad. The more links you add, the more you get the chance to draw in the right traffic. A Google ad can have multiple links connecting to multiple landing pages. For example, it can be your website link, sales and offers link, products or services link, registration link, log in link, and so on. Likewise, you can add total 6 additional links to your ad and improve your click-through rates immediately.

  4. Mobile app extensions: Do you want to improve the traffic generated from mobile devices? In that case, adding mobile app extensions to your PPC ad can be a perfect fit. These extensions are nothing but a link of your mobile app that is added to your PPC ad. They are of course clickable. Whenever a user clicks the link, he is directed to the mobile application. You can even mark this as a way to promote the mobile apps and attract the smartphone users who are looking for your brand products or services. Both CTR and mobile traffic can be accelerated using these extensions.

  5. Social extensions: Nowadays, everyone is going social. It is natural tendency of an online buyer to look for and appreciate any social links for a website. While creating your Google ad, you can add social links displaying your social image to the audience. With the social extensions, you can add Google + link to your AdWords campaign. This increases the click through rates over 5-10%, building the social image and digital presence of the brand across the web.


Ad extensions, as you can conclude, include additional information that make the ad much more effective. These information turn the ad more reliable, making it more competitive in the marketing. From increasing the click-through rates, impressions, to improving the visibility of the page on search engines, ad extensions contribute a lot to your ad performance.

Still thinking how to incorporate ad extensions in your PPC ad? Get in touch with the digital marketing service provider and talk with the PPC experts about this marketing tactic.