5 Significant Factors You Need To Test For Your PPC Ad

If you are not new to PPC marketing, probably you have basic knowledge about its requirements. In that case, you must be having sheer knowledge of the importance of A/B testing on every PPC Ad campaign.

A/B testing is something that helps you to run a successful campaign. Simply by testing your ad variants, it enables you to determine the better version of the ad for the campaign. Now, while undergoing the process, an A/B testing tool works on different factors. Many often we find advertisers are confused with the factors that they going to test on. No worries, you can simply choose online testing tools to perform the job with perfection.

Even the experts at a PPC management company in Delhi or any other region, prefer using automated tools to test ad copies. Let us uncover the ad variables on which the tools work.

5 Significant ad elements that you need to test before turning your PPC ad live

  1. Call to action: Call to action is the most prominent and significant factor of a PPC ad. No matter what type of ad you are running, your ad copy should contain a powerful CTA so as to convert the visitors into potential clients.

It is said that CTAs are stronger than ad copy content. It takes no time to convert a visitor into a customer with some simple actions. They are usually added at the end of the page with a link associated with the button that takes the visitor directly to the landing page.

With testing tools, you can test by changing the color of the link added to the CTA, use different fonts, try out the links, change the texts, etc. You can even assess the ad in a pop-up format, instead of adding the CTA at the end of the page.  

  • Visual elements: If you consider a PPC ad, it contains several visual elements. These can be images, videos, GIFs, and so on. You should ensure the elements you use in the ad are strong enough to attract the audience and grab their attention.

Apart from these, you also need to test the color, fonts, styles, layouts, special effects, and other designed themes for better results. You must be finding it hard to test all these at a time. Start with changing the color of the background. You can switch between dark and light-shaded backgrounds and find on which theme the visitors are more attracted to the ad.   

  • Forms: Many PPC ads direct the users to a landing page that contains a form for registration or subscription. You have to deal with this before setting up your ad campaign. The form is the first outlet where you want your visitors to share their details and show interest in the brand. Only the ones who are interested in your services or products are likely to fill-up the form. Hence, having a proper form is very much important in this case.

Forms have the potential to drive leads and gain information regarding potential clients. They are even noted for gaining insight into the customer demands and behavior.

Test every field of the form that includes name, location, email address, contact details, feedback, interests, and so on. Make sure the labels are clearer and easy to fill, adding a good user experience to the visitors.

  • Locations: When you are talking about a target-specific ad, it is quite obvious that you are targeting a particular location. Now, this can be your neighborhood or a global location where you want to promote your brand through advertisements. Hence, the need for a location-based test before making your ad live.

Test different elements based on locations. These can be signup forms for the email list or any other CTA related to this. Test the location-based button on your page and improve its performance so as to generate more clicks from the specific search location.

  • Clickable buttons: Every advertisement contains clickable buttons. No, they are not the call to action that drives conversions. Instead, they are simply action buttons that have a great impact on customer’s decisions.

With A/B testing tools, you can test whether the buttons are working properly or not. These buttons are highly responsible for building a high user experience. Guess what, nothing is easier than testing these clickable buttons of a PPC ad.

You can change the color, style, format, and size of the buttons to ensure visitors respond quickly. Some popular buttons are like “add to cart”, “get started now”, etc. They contribute a lot in bringing quality leads to the doorstep.


A/B test thus focuses on multiple variables including ad copies. It helps you to optimize your ad and make it a perfect fit for the PPC ad campaign. Measuring the ads for the campaign helps you to gain more conversions and leads, exactly what you are aiming at.

Some popular tools that make the job easier are Optimizely, Crazy Egg, HubSpot, and many more.

Find a digital marketing agency and look for the PPC experts who know how to perform A/B testing for a PPC campaign.