Leh Ladakh is the place to visit for a magic year 2021!

Place no-Ladakh. It is impossible to express the beauty of that place with words. Leh Ladakh visits can be an extraordinary experience because these places are abundant in natural beauty. Leh Ladakh is full of beauty and untouched attractions. Ladakh is a place that is worth a visit, with unique features that are a mixture of Indian, Tibetan and Buddhist layers. Scan down, then, to learn what you expect when choosing the best place to visit in Leh Ladakh.

Going on vacation in a beautiful country like Ladakh is of course a lifetime experience. Because of that, why do you want to miss the best? Monasteries, rivers, valleys, lakes, cities and museums – this site has so many popular and beautiful things. Here is a list of the best places to continue a fantastic vacation at Leh Ladakh.

1. Valley Zanskar

The Zanskar Valley without a doubt one of the best tourist sites in Leh Ladakh and Ladakh. This is one of the most silent places of the Himalayas. The steep and snowy field reflects the celestial sky. One of the most famous rafting sites in India, the River Kids Zanskar. Places of interest in Zanskar, Ladakh, of course, include a place to visit on Leh Ladakh, which you can’t lose while on Ladakh!

The best time to visit: From June to September Zanskar is the best time to visit when drowsy and temperatures are medium. It was closed because of extreme snowflakes for a long time

2. Lake Pangong Tso

Remember the beautiful 3-idiot lake where Kareena Kapoor admits her love? This lake is located in the plateau of Changtang in the east area of ​​Ladakh, one of the most popular attractions in Leh Ladakh. This lake offers a great campground and is the real place for everyone to make it one of the best tourist destinations in Ladakh. This place can be visited when outside the season to avoid the crowd!

3. Cargil – Haven for adventure seekers

Without a visit to Kargil, one of the leading tourist sites Ladakh, a trip to the Leh Ladakh package for an incomplete couple. Travel to Leh City, Padum and Srinagar. This is a transit hub.

It is also a paradise for adventure lovers, because sports such as hiking and mountains can be enjoyed. Make sure you are packing enough to enjoy this in one of the places Leh Ladakh!

4. Khardung-la Pass – Gateway to Valleys

Chardungla Pass is one of the best tourist attractions in Ladakh which leads to Nubra and Valley Shyok. Even though this might not be a typical Leh Ladakh tourist attraction, of course there are among places to visit for adventure addicts to visit in Leh and around Ladakh. Kardung-La Pass is the North Gateway and one of the most difficult ports, but it is interesting to continue. It is managed by the Roads border organization.

5. Nubra Valley

It is definitely one of the best places to visit in Ladakh, Nubra Valley, one of the top 5 places to visit towards the northeast. Tourist Arabian night can feel the dunes in Nubra Valley. Nubra Valley for her two-humped chameleon is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Leh Ladakh.

So make sure, when you come out in a beautiful Leh country, to see this one! Samstanling monastery, which of course must be on your list, is one of the famous places here. Other attractions in Nubra Valley are Panamic villages, which are famous for hot sulfur fountains.

6. Magnetic Hill – an interesting phenomenon

Leh Ladakh is Magnetic Hill one of the best places to visit. The science behind the phenomenon is unknown, but if you leave your car at the base of the hill, it starts to move slowly, with the brakes not locked. Great? Magic? Of course not. Not. When you reach this place, it’s just a superpowser you get. It’s important to be included in the list of places Leh Ladakh.

7. Gompa spituk

Spituk is one of the Ladakh tourist attractions and one of the best Ladakh places. It’s famous for its terrible location on the hill. But the wind can swift you into the bones at night. Pack some extra warm clothes to make your visit to one of the most peaceful places in Leh Ladakh comfortable.