Great Lakes Trekking in Jammu and Kashmir

They will chant Lounge on a big lake in Kashmir if you have friends who like trekking. Every footballer on Lake Kashmir has said that it is in all continental kids the most beautiful trekking route. Some walks approached the large cachemira lake as far as beauty was concerned. None can overcome the effects of Big Trekking Lakes illumination.

This journey will take you high through the Kashmir Valley in the state of Jammu and Castle India, and the Sonamarg-Vishansar-Naranag Trek is a commercially known destination.

Grand Lakes of Kashmir

How many times have you made trekking adventures with five different lakes? Yes, there are about five bodies of water on the big cashmere intro track. When every lake rivals others in beauty, finally increases the other divinity. The fact that someone comes soon after another adds joy. So somehow, the lake waits for you and surprises you.

Reach Kashmir

You can travel from almost every city to cashmere in three different modes of transportation. Flights to Srinagar can be ordered. Or your goal is Jammu Tawi if you prefer to travel by train. During the peak season, additional trains for Journey you. The road is the last choice. You can drive a car to your watch if you have a vehicle. As you can see, walking to the Great Lakes of Cashmere is not a difficult task.

Where to stay

Because Kashmir is the main resort of the hill, hotels are no less in this area. From star rating to saving accommodation, everything can be found. But you will travel through the Great Lakes Kashmir Track. Therefore, during your trip to Kashmir, you will stay in a tent. To view pictures of your waiting place, you have to find the internet. You can then imagine how nice it has traveled and stays.

When to go

You have to avoid snow if you want to follow the road connecting the big lake cashmere. In October there was fresh snow. Trekkers explore the Great Cashmere Lake saying that between July and October you must plan your trip. You will be notified by the best time travel arranger to climb around the big lake cashmere.

What to do

The beauty of attracts from nature Mother takes your common sense on the way. Therefore, on the great lake of Kashmir, you don’t need to worry about things. You will be happy with the scenery you will find during the trip. For the rest of your life, whatever you see will remain in your head. Imaging will reach your brain while pulling your heart rope.

What do you eat

You will have the opportunity to enjoy local food on a trip through a giant lake in cashmere. Some traditional cashmere dishes include Dum-Aloo, Chapman, and Rogan Josh. You have to eat what you bring during the trip. In many tourist agents, a chef accompanied you about hiking visits. Your dinner will be cooked. Or, you will find a small local restaurant where you can enjoy snacks.

Things to remember

Yes, it’s important that you know some tips for seeing a big lake in Kashmir. You will reach a height of more than 8,000 feet within a few days. So, you have to prepare yourself if you want to enjoy your trip. You need enough durability and stamina for this trekking adventure. In cardiovascular exercise, you have to train yourself. This will increase your vitality and stamina.

You are lucky if you want to know about other famous sites near the big Kashmir Lakes. You can tour the capital Srinagar once you return to Kashmir. Sonmarg, Kupwara, Kathua, and many more are also available. Naturally, you must pay attention to your route and the number of days you can take.

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