Trek to Heaven, Triund Trek 2021!

I am sure that beautiful Himachal Pradesh will cross your mind as soon as someone says trekking in India, right? The amazing Himachal Pradesh offers many trips for hiking and adventure lovers. Triund trek is one trip that you should not miss. Triund is a charming tourist destination in the Dhauuladhar district. The amazing look catches your heart and makes you feel good. Hiking for the first time? Well, don’t worry about that! For the first time, Triund Trek is perfect, and also according to all ages. Continue reading and let’s go through this very beautiful trip.

Triund Trek: Best time to travel

You can walk through the place throughout the year, except for January and February because during these months it faces heavy snow. In addition, during this time, several trekking routes are limited. But the best time to climb is between March and May. Yes, the weather is comfortable during these months and offers a clear view too. Are you looking for a difficult trekking experience? Hiking experts? Well, starting December to February can choose to walk in this place.

Triund Trek: A quick itinerary

Day 1 – Starting from Dharamshala to Triund Trek

Start your Dharamshala adventure. Get a healthy breakfast in your dummy and go to Bhagsu NAG to take you through the Rhododendron forest. Meanwhile, lunch and restart your trip to Kangra Range and Valley of Dhauladhar. Stay there for a while and enjoy an amazing natural environment. End your day and enjoy the open sky on a beautiful dinner.

Day 2: from Khabrotu to Bhagsu Village

Bring your breakfast to Khabrotu for a fantastic view. Take a beautiful view of the Lake Glacier and the top of Snowcapped Dhauladhar. Believe me, you will agree that there is nothing beautiful in this world than nature. Keep your way and have lunch on the road. Finally, get to the beautiful Bhagsu village and take the time to admire the Bhagsu waterfall.

Triund Trek: Things before your trip must know

Camping at night here is not permitted. Therefore you have to stay in one of the available guest houses.

Walking is a Galu Devi temple, rest while cafe and cafe magic.

The difficulty in trekking is easy and moderate.

Make sure you have a guide with you for a better experience if you are a First-time Hiker.

It takes around 5-6 hours to travel in one direction. Triund is a track of 9 km.

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This extraordinary summit, close to McLeodganj, provides a beautiful view of the Kangra valley and Dhauladhar slopes. The best thing about this trip is also very simple and ideal because it has clear steps, for trekkers who are passionate without age. Finally, this trip is super adventure and animates with the views of the sunrise and stunning sunset.

The best place to visit near Dharamshala

Welcome to the old Dalai temple

McLeod Gunj is known for its beautiful beauty and houses in the exile of the Tibetan capital and seats, among the most important places to go to the closest Dharamshala. The Dalai Lama Temple, the most prestigious site of Tibetans India and similar to the famous Jokhang Temple of Lhassa, located on this hilly station. Furthermore, the interior of the temple has a luxurious mural and, if you are lucky, you will witness the creation of big mandala. It also contains the monasteries of the Namgyal where the monks live and discussed together with the 14th holiness residence in the old Dalai.

Take a trip to the Norbulakka Institute to see Tibet and one of the best Dharamshala places.

The Institute maintains literary and traditional Tibetan art forms. In the midst of hummingbirds, it has a peaceful and relaxed environment that will make you rest from city life. It is also home to the temple, Deden Tsuklagkhang, which certainly represents one of the best places for visits near Dharamshala, which represents the extraordinary Tibet architecture itself. There is also a unique museum for dolls and cafes.

Go to one of the best places near Dharamshala, Bhagsunag Falls.

Milky waters that sparkle in MC Leod Gunj are one of the most important tourist attractions. It’s also almost 20 meters high and flows cascadingly, making it even more beautiful. Finally, you can walk in parallel with waterfalls for beautiful views over everything.