Hike to the Himalayan Rupin Pass!

Rupin Pass is a hiking tour through the Dhaula Camps in Uttarakhand and finishes in the village of Sangla (Himachal Pradesh). A high-altitude walkway is Rupin Pass. Every kilometer provides a range of great views and sights, and every turn is a surprising journey and sensation.

In the Himalaya Garhwal, in the Uttarkshea District, the Rupin Pass Trek in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh India is an enticing valley. The Himalayas definitely has lovely elegance, a memorable environment, and a green wilderness that is desired. So, what could be better than calm a couple of days?

Is Rupin Pass Trek Dhaula Base Camp?

Dhaula is located close to the edge of Rupin. Dhaula is a beautiful campground. I all captivated by the beauty of this place. This place looks more beautiful because of the rupin river flow.

It seems we are welcomed by beautiful mountains. You will see beautiful scenery along the Dhaula road, such as pine forests, flow, mountains, flora, and fauna.

You feel the sunrise on the big open field in Dhaula, and morning rain shines in forest trees. You will enjoy tea or snacks after reaching the Dhaula camp. People rent, Jakha, and Dodra-kwar uses the way to get luggage in ancient times.

See the Dynamic Pass Rupin Landscape

Changed paths and forest lines will give you beautiful scenery, many unexplored places, and views of the Rupin River. This place gives you a good view.

Through a thick forest, you can walk through the snow glacier from the flow of small water to frozen waterfalls, and you can find very large natural diversity to lure you.

Rupin pass is rather challenging but the panorama is interesting and beautiful. Find extraordinary sights from pass Rupin and Kinnauri and Dodra Kwar

In one walk you will see wilderness, charming hamlets, snow-covered mountains, exotic fields, and big rivers, and this trip offers you the opportunity to explore uncharted places. This place has several species of birds and animals, and you can see the local culture and life of the local community. The village of “Jhaka Village” is located at the end of the cliff of mountains, and offers beautiful views. Kinnaur Temple, with many floors, gives you an overview of Kinnauri’s culture.

Rupin pass the best time track

The best time to increase is from the first week of May until the last week of October because it was still covered by snow in pre-monsoon and her climbing was difficult.

We are a local Uttarakhand team and have a more experienced Himalaya Way tour team for 28 years.

Why choose Rupin Pass Tracks?

It is important to recognize the reason behind choosing Rupin’s pass before heading to the schedule.

For a total of 109 km by taxi and 64 km on foot, the total distance is discussed in 8 days. Via Dhaula, Jakha, Sangla, Dehradun

Pass rupin is a mountain climb at high altitude at an altitude of 4650 meters

Compared to other treks, early moderate trail. Therefore, this trip is not for beginners.

Do you need the right clothes for temperatures below zero ??

In one place you have seen so much sky as a panoramic view of the Himalayan, you can see different pine, flora, and fauna overcome the true Garhwali and Himachali culture and Heritage Kinnauri.

I believe I believe I believe it makes free time with a local team and you will get to know some ancient stories about our Chinese and local culture mythology.

Beautiful landscape with equipment right and additional backup batteries.

Only 10 to 12 kg of backpacks must be permitted

If the classic track is in India, Rupin pass trek must be there. It’s like an orchestra, every hour or more creates momentum with surprises at the scene. Every step raises a new panorama, to open a new landscape. Suddenly!

Start your first day trekking with a surprise. When you see Rupin River appear on the bed width below you about 20 minutes to the trail. And it doesn’t stop here.

The trail guides you through villages hanging and dropping you to the inner pine forest suddenly! This is not everything. The route then passed ice sheets, snow bridge, glacial valley, snowy fields, and hundreds of cascades!

On this road, River Rupin remains the only constant that blinds you with a surprise. Rupin’s black waters follow in the footsteps as a complement to the landscape. Sometimes in a hurry, sometimes it slid around.

It culminates in rupin in u glacial valley in the fall of the famous three-stage water. It seems that the waterfall falls from the cloud when you see it from a distance!

And this all ends on adventure ribbons up with exciting forces. It is not surprising that one of the top treks is passing Rupin. It’s a great experience!

That said, this is a difficult and moderate trip. The landscape is almost 10 km a day and is quite complicated. Waterfall climbing up to the steep constitution of Pheri and climb from River Rupin passed the sewer at 15,380 feet. Get ready! Getting ready!

The track to and from the Himalayan pass Rupin runs over a 7 day period (including driving, tap, and hydration).

The tour began in Uttarakhand in a long-distance settlement Jiskun and ended at Himachal Pradesh, in Sangla’s settlement. This is a very unique trip that starts and ends in one country.

This is a fairly difficult trip (more about this page) that only experienced hikers.

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