Valley of flowers trek

On a confusing trip on the Uttarakhand flower valley, the shade of a fiery rose and a group of fragrances expressed by flowering can be seen. This is a tourist campaign without interruption for all-natural worshipers who want to strengthen their love for nature and experience it in a separate way that represents the splendor of nature. The Valley of the Trek Bunga began with street businesses from the Mystical City of Haridwar carrying a fan to the Govindghat headquarters.

The journey starts here to Ghangaria and Hemkund, another world municipality before you reach the goal of dreams in the Valley of Flower. In the perfect environment of the snow-covered mountains, the soil that has Terhune’s invites you with a dynamic verdure. Watch the sky on earth with abundant high flowers that will reach your view. The Valley of Flower was announced as a UNESCO world heritage site and was supernatural, even if you have seen it directly.

How to reach

Haridwar is a departure point of this business that can be easily opened by roads, trains, and airways. Rise to Jolly Grant Airport, 36 km from Haridwar at the New Delhi Circuit with regular trips. From this air terminal, practical taxis can be accessed by Haridwar City. Haridwar Junction Railway Station, located at a moving distance from abundant lodging in the city, is associated with a train from a significant urban area such as Dolhi (4-5 hours) and Dehradun (1 hour). Go along the road on the national highway 58, which connects cities with this interesting city. Delhi and Haridwar consistently brought overflowing transportation to make the tip connected to Haridwar.

Base camp

From Haridwar, the flower picture valley began, but from the Govindghat headquarters, the actual journey began. Your arrival in many cities is the starting point of your extraordinary interactive trip after a relaxed street adventure. This is the last stop for explorers who make the road to Badrinath and Hemkund Sahib and for tourists jumping through the flower valleys, clearly following a pleasant Alaknanda river intersection. GovindPhat surprisingly with a flood stretch at an altitude of 1828 meters in 2013 but is now restored except for the first appeal. This reported city is open from May to October with a sad climate throughout the year and in winter is closed.

 The best time to visit

Valley’s track flowers lead to Govind ghat barren, from the city of Hierdwar which is fun, and continues to Ghangaria and Hemkund. During this time from May to September, the climate in this high locale remains very good to visit and travel. The last 7 days of May will watch snow softened with small flowers but precipitation will be ignored to make your trip peaceful. June marked an expensive month because many explorers were inundated Hemkund Sahib, but the journey was calmer to explore without precipitation. The right time with flowers blooming in July and August marked the end of the era and an exact event to return to heaven on earth.

Elevation point

You will be taken to Joshimath, 1874 meters above sea level, from the city of Hierdwar who is a loyal and beautiful street. Your next intersection will be in Govindghat, at 1828 meters above sea level, which is the last path to the traveling business valley. As the location of the last human environment in this area, travel from that point to Ghangaria’s increase of 3029 meters. You arrive at the fairy, at an extraordinary peak of 3600 meters in the flower valley.


As a function of a travel campaign, the coordinator must include the entry fee requested in several checkpoints, permission for travel and allegations of outdoor Timberland mandatory for the entire duration of travel in the region. It will be fine if you convey your evidence card that can be identified, such as SIM or voter ID next to the passport photo, clinical identification that ensures travel readiness and declaration of destinations that guarantee your stay deliberately involved.

In the National Park Flower Valley The purpose of trekking is set, while at the control point of the Department of Forest costs the required part must be paid. If not too much a problem scheduling your trip because outdoors are not permitted in the room and it is only available from 06:00 to 18:00. 3 afternoon is the last place to preserve the legacy of the recreation center. 3 pm