Chadar Trek Frozen River

The Start of the Journey

The journey starts in the city of Leh Mountains. Leh can only be reached by flight and snow makes it look white in chadar. You can see the mountain, mountains that are snow-covered from flights to Leh at 11400 meters above sea level. The tour took place in the winter along the frozen Zanskar River. February will be the right time to cross-ice. At this time, ice is usually the most stable. The frozen river track starts from a small cold village to freeze from the start in chadar.

Across the Ice

Often ice can be as well, as possible. It is important to find a safe route along with unstable dishes and to always consider ice conditions at your feet. Pedestrians have the capacity for camping in the basement along the river, for example in the local area, and arrange the best ice tents. Settings almost 20 ° below freezing, and after sunset reduced too. As much as possible, comfortable, layered clothes proposed. It also helps warm the body and prevents cold susceptibility and blood clotting.

Better Safe than Sorry

It is also recommended to pay attention to ice conditions at any time. Some factors must ensure a safe trip. The ice and the foundation of the trekker are very important. The following steps: Next:

Trekker must be aware of the condition of the ice sheet.

Ice cracks can be stopped. It is there

The area with snow cover is usually the best way to walk.

Also, slippery ice can be found in certain parts and must be followed up carefully.

Unexpected cracks are under someone’s feet and must immediately take a stronger foot.

Ice is not a Walker friend and you must always pay attention to it and the weather, especially when choosing a campground.

Gear and Trekking Info

Trekking equipment must be sent from home because there are not many places in winter Leh to buy supplies. Easy food, such as instant noodles, which can be preserved and produced is an excellent addition. It is recommended to take the best part of today to keep your trip warm and dynamic before you start, you must always have a lot. The choice of ice, hiking ships, some layers of extra warm clothes is coercion in this situation. Camping in caves like locals who ride the river are suggested, but it’s optional. However, the definition is not local, it may not be enough and the tent is also recommended.

  Acclimatization Day

You will land at Leh Airport, one of your favorite airports. Just before the touchdown, the two peaks covered in snow will make you impressed. You will be very welcomed. Your warmth needs to be maintained when you get to Leh airport when your temperature suddenly falls. Hats and wool sweaters accordingly. After arriving at the guesthouse, you will have time to relax. Then at night, you can invest in last minute shopping for Windows in Pasar Leh. It’s important for you in Leh that cold temperatures just fall when you start walking through frozen Zanskar. During the day from the end of January to mid-February, the temperature ranges from -10 to -15 degrees.

Medical test day

Today is a great day. Today decides whether to continue or not. Wake up early to enter the medical camp as soon as possible. Because of the fact that visitors hurry, testing takes less time. In the afternoon, we concluded several insurance formalities. You are not required if the test shows that you are not suitable for Chadar Trek. For replacement plans, please contact your track coordinator.

Tsomo Paldar to Tibb Cave

Chadar is one of the trips where you cannot reach altitude in fast trouble. From Tsomo Paldar to Tibb cave, height 400 feet, slowly but step by step (6-7 hours). Bring your breakfast after a cold night at Tsomo Paldar’s tent to revitalize your senses in the morning. In this cold weather, a cup of hot tea is very necessary (Tsomo Paldar: 11,500 to Tibb Cave: 11,800).

This tour has some of the most amazing frozen waterfalls that you can see before going to the next camp, Tibb cave. Frozen time, cascade. The villagers have so many misunderstandings, the cause of this frozen water is unknown. In the heart of this trip, you can have lunch at Tibb cave on the mighty Zanskar lane and enjoy a little green water.

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