Choice of Charcoal And Gas Barbecues

Whether you are new to the subject or a great expert in family barbecue evenings, our online store is open to meet all your requirements. Our wide range of barbecues meet strict quality and safety criteria, whatever your preferences.

Are you a fan of the authenticity of charcoal barbecues? Visit our selection of charcoal barbecues: we offer a wide range of prices and options, which will satisfy both your desires and your budget. Looking for a vertical cooking coconut bbq charcoal? Do you want to find a charcoal barbecue with large cooking surfaces? Are you looking for ergonomics, quality, without skimping on authenticity? A bit of all of this at once? You are in the right place.

Buy a new barbecue

With all these models, it is not easy to make a choice. All devices have their own shape, material and possibilities. To help you see more clearly, here is a quick summary of all the advantages of a charcoal barbecue:

Charcoal cooking is like no other. Fans of grilled meats know something about this. Often preferred for the authenticity of its unique taste, it also has other interesting characteristics

Easily transportable, all our models are on wheeled or wheeled trolleys to ensure ideal user comfort.

The combustion of this type of barbecue can be done in different ways. You can light it in the classic way with wood and paper, but also use briquettes to facilitate the setting, or even a chimney starter for even more speed. The latter allows you to obtain perfect embers in record time! Possibility of using several coconut bbq charcoal fuels to vary the pleasures. The best charcoal is undoubtedly beech or oak wood.

We offer all types of barbecues! Rectangular, round, barbecue with lid, small model with the compact barbecue that fits on a table or XXL model. There is something for every taste ! Discover our new products in preview on our site.

Foolproof ease of maintenance. You love barbecue grills, but the thought of having to clean the barbecue grill behind you annoys? Do not even hesitate on the model to choose! You absolutely need a charcoal barbecue. Here, forget the tray that collects fat or special products and utensils. Simply empty the ash pan and you’re done

The essential barbecue equipment

Who says barbecue says obligation to be well equipped to make crazy skewers!

Stainless steel or stainless steel utensils to place and turn meat like the famous barbecue tongs or even better, our case containing the essential barbecue accessories

A pair of gloves to protect you from the heat and an apron for any splashes

A charcoal barbecue cover to protect the fireplace and your steel or cast iron garden barbecue in general from bad weather

A thermometer to check that your preparation has reached the correct cooking temperature. A stainless steel or chromed steel double grill barbecue grill to place all your food on top quality To give a smoky taste to your grills, opt for a charcoal smoker barbecue. Thus, you can play with the temperatures and the different cooking methods of your food. These will have a very interesting smoky taste that will add charm to your homemade barbecue.

Not essential, but can still be very useful, the rotisserie to achieve perfection with your poultry on the barbecue, or a cast iron or ceramic cooking plate to place directly on the charcoal barbecue for cooking food in the same way , but with charcoal cooking! This plate allows you to easily cook simultaneously, grilled food on the grid and marinated vegetables or a piece of fish.

Let’s reinvent the barbecue moments

Our experts have selected for you a complete range of charcoal barbecues, with multiple options and impeccable quality, for hours of pleasure and conviviality.

Do you have a preference for gas or electric barbecues? Love their practical benefits and professional design? We offer a wide selection of gas and electric barbecues, whatever your budget and your criteria. Our different models are available in several ranges of sizes, cooking surfaces, materials and prices, in order to always be as close as possible to your requirements. Their unparalleled aesthetic will enhance your garden area, to impress your family and make your neighbors jealous.

Do you want to impress your friends and families by inviting them to an original barbecue party[TPS1] ? Do you want to vary the cooking methods? Our experts have selected high-quality rotisseries, and paella pans for you, which will make your next barbecues unforgettable.

For this type of appliance, we recommend that you invest in a barbecue cover. Indeed, depending on the temperatures and the different seasons, your barbecue can deteriorate. To prevent erosion and premature aging of your machine, a specially fitted barbecue and cover will ensure your appliance sleeps warm and dry to be ready for use on your next outbreak.

If you don’t want to buy a charcoal barbecue with a protective cover, you can also choose to buy a barbecue with a cover to limit the damage, or a compact charcoal barbecue. The latter is perfect because it adapts to all situations, is very compact and easily stored in a corner of your garage. In any case, an outdoor barbecue must be protected, whether by putting it away or with a protective cover. Otherwise, it could be damaged too quickly or even oxidize for the steel barbecue.

You do not have a fixed location reserved for your barbecue and you want to find a portable, functional, and always high quality product? Let yourself be seduced by our models available in smaller formats that are easier to transport, for convivial and original outdoor barbecues!

Quality products

We are committed to offering you eclectic products allowing everyone to find something to suit their needs: our barbecues are black, gray, and even red. You do not know which barbecue to choose for meals of around 8 people? Do you need specific information on the characteristics of each barbecue? Do you need to know the exact dimensions of width, height and depth? No worries: each product is accompanied by its precise technical specifications, as well as a clear photograph that conforms to reality, for a comparison and a simplified choice.

In addition, each of our barbecues is accompanied by a description detailing the possible cooking methods according to its specific characteristics. You will be able to choose a barbecue with a unique cooking function on the grill, in the oven, and even find a multifunction barbecue allowing you to alternate these cooking modes.

We are proud to offer quality barbecues that are resistant to time and wear and tear, which is why we have equipped our fixed barbecues with solid trolleys made by experts using only resistant materials. You will be able to choose your barbecue according to your material preferences, whether you prefer wood, stainless steel or even cast iron. In addition, all our barbecues are delivered with their own accessories: grills, cooking plates, and even their storage platforms.

We know that customer service is an experience in itself, which is why we have guaranteed all of our barbecues for a period of 2 to 5 years. In addition, most of our barbecues are made in France, a good reason to buy local while having fun!

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