Why wear a jumpsuit ?

It’s an easy piece. that is to say ? No need to think about combining a low and a high. It’s all in one. We put it on in 30 seconds and let’s go!  They are found at all prices . Brands like primadonsanddonnas offer them from affordable price. If you are looking for more original models, count between 150 and 250 euros. But beware! Do the math and remember that a combination equals two pieces, a bottom and a top.

It adapts to different situations. You can wear the same model for work as well as for a party. You just need to accessorize differently and you’re done. For example, take a basic green cargo jumpsuit, adding a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket, it will be perfect for walking or going to work. On the other hand, if you opt for a more stylish look, mix it with a pair of pumps, a blazer, pretty jewelry and you will immediately be chic and glamorous.

You can wear it in any season. In autumn and winter, the long-sleeved models in velvet or thick jeans will keep you warm. In spring, we prefer short-sleeved models in cheerful colors and add a bomber or jacket. On the other hand, the summer we have fun by choosing it in a light and well colored fabric. In order not to be hot, it is better to select models without sleeves, bustier or with thin straps.

How to wear a jumpsuit? According to its morphology!

It is essential not to fall into the ridiculous and to remain elegant. First of all, it is imperative to take the right size. Especially not too tight a combination to avoid discomfort. A jumpsuit that pulls when worn is anything but practical and stylish.

If you are petite and petite, use patterns to enhance your figure. The adjusted 7/8 cut is made for you. On the other hand, the loose cuts will thus pack you as much forget them. Roll up your sleeves for a sleek, modern look. It is best to wear it with pumps or wedges.

If you are tall and thin, this is the green cargo jumpsuit for you. All styles will be allowed. Wear it with flat sandals or a pair of trainers. Are you invited to a party? Do not hesitate to adopt a flared model at the bottom but close to the body on the top. It is very fashionable! For small breasts, opt for a cowl neck.

If you are plump, avoid loose cuts and prefer curved models. The size must be marked so that your pretty shapes are highlighted. Wear a pair of trendy pumps to enhance your look.

If you are round, the jumpsuit is not the piece that will particularly highlight you. However, I remain convinced that a combination with a cut adapted to your curves will make you look fabulous! You just have to find it. Take a look at the shiza hassan saree website. A word of advice: avoid frills which weigh down, models that are too wide and fabrics that mark the shapes. The waist will be belted with a pretty bow. Choose models with a V-neck and sleeves.

A dream figure in combination, it is possible!

To be glamorous in a jumpsuit yes it is possible! You just have to choose the model that will highlight your strengths. Forget loose or “work blue” models and prefer those that mark the waist with a v-neck.

Got a night out and want to be on top? A fitted black tuxedo-style jumpsuit will be your best ally and a good alternative to the chic little black dress.

Where to shop for a trendy jumpsuit?

You’re in luck, combinations are everywhere. Romper, jumpsuit , High Back Long Sleeve Jumpsuit, Cotton Long Sleeve Jumpsuit. There is something for all tastes and styles. At primadonsanddonnas, you will find affordable and trendy jumpsuits , To shop for a stylish jumpsuit at a low price contact us.

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