Plastic Business Cards: Advantages and Uses

Marketing your business is always required and there are different tools and strategies you can use to do so. One way among them is integrating full-color plastic cards into your overall marketing plan, and is a perfect way to differentiate your business from the flood of paper marketing materials.

Plastic cards can be used to achieve a variety of different business and marketing goals, and are well suited for enhancing the professional image of a company. The durability of plastic cards in relation to the thickness of the card is one of the main reasons why they are so effective.

There are several different sizes and shapes of plastic cards, which can be customized to your needs. Here are some ideas on how to use plastic cards to promote your business. If you are looking for expert plastic card designers and manufacturers you can always connect with us for the best products for your business. 

Common Elements of Plastic Cards

You can easily add some unique and useful effects to the card to make sure they stand out and are used effectively for their intended purpose. Use the following features to take your plastic card to a new level:

Personalization: refers to placing a personal name or photo on the card. This feature is most often used on ID badges or membership cards.

Numbering: Very suitable for membership cards, gift cards or ID cards, numbering is when a different number is displayed on each printed plastic card. Companies use numbers to track information or the plastic card itself.

Signature Pad: The signature pad most commonly used on the back of credit cards is often used as a method of security and protection. The purpose of the signature panel is to provide an area on the plastic where you can write with a normal ballpoint pen.

Magnetic Stripe and Barcode: Typically used on credit cards, value cards, keyed access cards, or gift cards. They allow companies to track, store and change consumer information.

 Market for Plastic Cards

Plastic cards are becoming more and more popular in many industries and markets. Although almost all industries can benefit from the use of plastic cards, the following are some of the most common markets for plastic cards:

Associations, insurance companies, clubs, organizations, libraries, hotels, resorts, banks, facilities medical, government agencies, etc. advertising, marketing, grocery retail stores, Plastic rental stores, businesses, libraries, and gyms.

Special Features of Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards allow you to use amazing functions. These are the features that other materials cannot provide and can add fun to your plastic card to make sure it attracts everyone’s attention. So, what functions can plastic cards have?

Comes with Custom Design and Shapes

Whether you choose a completely transparent business card or a frosted business card, a clear business card can help you improve the quality of your business card, thereby conveying the quality and experience of the company.

Another option is to use custom shapes. This unique feature allows you to print the plastic card in any shape you need. The custom shaped business card is truly unique and will help clients remember their conversation with you. By adding special features to the business card, people will want to hang up the business card and show it off to friends and family.

With all the customization options, your plastic business card will look the way you want it, reflect the quality of your business, and leave your competitors dusty.

Plastic is of High Quality

In the business world, appearance is important. Customers can quickly make judgments based on trivial things that have nothing to do with your business. Therefore, when you distribute business cards, you want the business cards to have a premium appearance.

90% of consumers said that the quality of printed materials represents the quality of the services provided by the company. In other words, consumers will judge your business based on the quality of the business card, so it is important to play your best role.


Paper cards are fragile and easily damaged, while plastic cards show incredible quality and creativity. They show your clients that you have invested money in them and show them their experience in the company.

In general, plastic business cards help display the features your business needs to provide a reliable foundation for future business. So, if you need to stand out from the competition and showcase the outstanding achievements that your company can bring, plastic business cards are perfect for you.

If you are still wondering whether to opt for plastic cards or not, just connect with us and our professional and expert plastic card designers are sure to impress you with the designs and you can then decide for yourself.