8 Amazing Kids-Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas-Modern Bathroom

Confused about designing a bathroom for your kids? Then don’t worry you’re at an accurate place. So, having kids at home means the bathroom should be accessible. Moreover, you need to make it easy for your kids to reach the sinks, showers, toilets, and etc. You must make your bathroom and shower space attractive and fun for your kiddos. So, in this guide, you will get to know some amazing ideas and details. To make your bathroom playful and practical bath toys, easy to reach towels, sinks, and soaps. So, let’s go down.

List Of Ideas:

  1. Double Faucets
  2. Multiple Hooks
  3. Step Stool
  4. Pull Out Step
  5. Open Shelves
  6. Pivot Mirror
  7. Funky Color Sinks
  8. Animated Theme Wallpaper
  9. Buy Modern Bathroom Vanities
  10. Conclusion

Double Faucets:

If you want to add some style to your kid-friendly modern bathroom with faucets. So, first, go on buying a double vanity of normal size. But have one large sink over it with double faucets. Moreover, this will create a double tooth brushing zone for you and your kids. However, this will also not cover much space. Making your bathroom look so chic and super kid-friendly.

Multiple Hooks:

So, if you have multiple kids sharing the same bathroom. Thus, you must need extra of everything. As some kids are too clingy to let anyone share their things. Moreover, you need to have extra towel hooks in your bathroom. Making it kid-friendly enough. So, this will give ample spot to every kid for their towel and bathrobe hanging. This will give a very organized look. Making your kids with no excuse to leave towels without hooks. Lastly, a great hack to solve towel hanging trouble. And give your bathroom a super organized touch.

Along with that, make sure your kids are having great quality towels that can keep them safe. Having that said, an antibacterial towel could be a great choice. If you are searching for a great quality towel set for your kids, this will help you: 7 Best Kids Bath Towel Sets You Can Buy Online in 2021, published by Mizu Towel, this article gives you a list of 7 best quality towels for your kids that you can buy.

Step Stool:

Most sinks at home are at a high level. So, which makes the sinks at home very hard for kids to reach. However, sinks in restaurants are very easy for kids. Thus, to make the sink reachable for kids. You can add a step stool to help your kids reach for handwashing. So, simply add a small, sleek, wooden step stool to your bathroom. Just make sure the stool is durable and tough. This makes the bathroom very kid-friendly.

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Pull Out Step:

A step stool can cause a hurdle in movement. So, for what a secret pull-out step can do wonders. Moreover, this step is like a pull out drawer. You can slide it from the bottom for your kid to stand on it. Make sure to have a tough and durable quality pull-out step. Lastly, when the kids grow taller. You can turn this drawer into a storage drawer.

Open Shelves:

Bathroom cabinets are usually closed to keep harmful chemicals and detergents away from kids’ reach. So, look for a vanity which has open shelves. Where you can keep all your kid’s bathroom essentials. This all adds enough storage space in your bathroom. Thus, makes your bathroom super kid-friendly. As they can easily reach kids’ items.

Pivot Mirror:

A mirror with a pivot is the best one for kid-friendly bathrooms. So, a mirror that can be tilted is quite a helpful feature. As kids can adjust the mirror position according to their heights. Thus, they can easily view themselves while brushing teeth or combing hair. A pivoting mirror is a highly useful choice. Lastly, this makes the bathroom superbly easy for kids to reach.

Funky Color Sinks:

As you can imagine how funky and vibrant colors add freshness to any place. So, the same is the case in bathrooms. Thus, any addition of vibrant color sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets. They can make the bathroom look super tempting and refreshing. Moreover, this will lift the mood of kids in showers, handwashing, and using toilets. So, add any refreshing funky tone sink in the kids’ bathroom. You can either easily DIY a sink in the bathroom space.

Animated Theme Wallpaper:

Let’s make your kids’ bathroom super tempting. So, explore your kids’  favorite animated avatar. Or any other tempting interest of your kid. Thus, simply go on with the idea of adding bold animated wallpapers in kids’ bathroom walls. This will not only make the bathroom superbly good. But also really attractive for your kids making it highly a kid-friendly option. So, go with buying a quality removable wallpaper as it won’t damage your walls after removing it.

Buy Modern Bathroom Vanities:

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In conclusion, after reading the above article. You must have got an idea that. How much it is important to make your bathroom kid-friendly? So, kids’ access to bathroom vanities like sinks, mirrors, toilets, and showers is a struggle. Thus, they need a kid-friendly bathroom to function normally. Like they need lower towel hooks, pull-out steps, step stools, multiple faucets, etc. In addition, you can make the bathroom space attractive for your kids.

 So, simply add a funky vibrant tone sink, tub, shower, or any attractive animated avatar. Taking a shower and hand washing is a whole lot of fun for your kids. Lastly, you can also add Modern Bathroom Vanities to enhance the overall look of your kids’ bathroom.