How Stay At A Halfway House Should Be Like?

If you are going to be discharged from rehab, it is time to start searching for a “halfway house near me” online. Halfway houses are facilities that help you adjust to your new life post-rehab. They should be drug-free environments that encourage you to work hard and lead a sober life. The early stage of recovery from addiction is the most critical. This is when relapses are most likely. So, your choice of sober living homes needs to be well thought-out. 

What to expect during your stay at a halfway house:

  • Group meetings: While all halfway houses may not provide you with formal treatment regimens, some may have a 12-step program in place. This can vary from one place to another.
  • Drug-free environment: A sober living facility is meant to have a peaceful and drug-free, alcohol-free environment. This is imperative for addicts to heal faster. If the residents indulge in drugs or substance abuse, it may be hard for one to stay away from his cravings. To make sure residents are not using drugs, regular tests are typically undertaken as proof of abstinence. When an individual is unable to stay sober, he may be advised strict inpatient treatment.
  • Follow rules: During your stay at a sober living facility, you must abide by its rules and regulations. This is needed to maintain sobriety and discipline in the house. Different homes may have different rules but you are expected to pay rents on time, maintain cleanliness, and do household chores.
  • Personal maintenance: Unless you are unable to work due to some handicap or disability, you should take care of yourself. This means getting employment and working to keep the house clean while you stay here.
  • Chores: Some halfway houses provide group meals cooked by residents themselves. You may be asked to shop for groceries, prepare food, or clean up afterwards on a rotational basis. 
  • Limits on medicine possession: While staying at a halfway house, you may not be able to own products like mouthwash containing alcohol. Medicines, if needed, will be given by the staff.
  • Involvement in treatment: As a resident in a sober living facility, you have to keep undergoing treatment for your condition. You must attend group meetings if asked to do so.
  • Curfews: You should expect there to be curfews in any quality sober living home. This means all residents have to return to the facility by a specific time; else, they will be penalized.
  • Rules concerning violence: During your stay at a halfway house, you cannot engage in violent or aggressive behavior. The house manager is responsible for keeping peace in the house.
  • Limited stay: Finally, you need to remember that you can continue staying in a halfway home. These are only temporary residences to help you recover faster; they simply prepare you for the life ahead.

These are things that you should expect to find during your stay at a halfway house. It offers you a chance to rebuild your life from scratch. You are given access to resources to seek employment, pursue a course, or learn new skills. It is only a short-term living situation and you should be ready to leave it after a time.