Rethinking a Modern Coastal Style with Natural and Rustic Elements

We are living in a world more and more connected. With this, new styles arise that drive the consumer to want items with a story. This is where coastal style comes into play. Coastal style has always been about simplicity, natural elements, and rustic charm, but it’s never been as popular as it is today.

The use of natural materials and stone creates an organic balance between old-world craftsmanship and modern innovation. So what does this mean for your home? It means you can create a space that feels like home while also giving off trendy vibes simultaneously! This concept is easy to achieve for those who live near or by the coast because of how abundant nature is around them.

The coastal style is an aesthetic that speaks to the natural beauty of the ocean and often features wood siding in varying shades of white, cream, and gray. There are many ways to bring this style into your home, no matter where you live. This style is a timeless design that blends the natural with the man-made. We will explore how to bring this look into your home today and show you how to achieve it in three simple steps.

Step One:

Bring the outdoors inside with a neutral palette of light colors like tan and off-white. Add wicker furniture for an organic feel, or pick up some driftwood from your local beach to create an oasis at home. Cover the floors with wool or any other natural material area rugs. The neutral shades of the rug will play off the natural wood of the wicker furniture, making it feel like you’re outside all year round.

Step Two:

Surround yourself with green plants and flowers to bring a sense of nature into your space. Add a moss wall or incorporate live plants from your garden onto shelves for an instant touch of life in your home. Plants not only look lush and green, but they also filter toxins from the air. Keep plant stands in the corners and also place plant pots in window sills for a lush look. You can also use plant stands to house other items like books, candles, and vases.

Step Three:

A mix of natural and rustic materials like bamboo, wood, or rattan furniture can be used to provide texture to the space and make it feel homey at the same time. These items also help with any allergy problems because they are considered hypoallergenic.Rattan decor is making a comeback and can be found in furniture, baskets, or bins.

Moreover, Outdoor spaces are increasingly being used for entertaining and even living spaces on warm summer days. Whether you have a porch with chairs out front or an outdoor dining area outside of your kitchen window, these areas provide ample opportunity to use natural materials like bamboo flooring or wicker armchairs.

Step Four:

Glam up your coastal style decor with some glam accessories. Incorporate crystal accessories, floral wreaths, or gold-framed mirrors. The coastal and natural elements complement each other, so mix it up! You can also bring in blue and white accents with your pillows, pottery pieces, or textiles.

Step Five: 

Add color with bold accent pieces like colored vases, colorful throw pillows, or some vibrant Bokhara rugs to keep your space fresh and cheerful all year long. Colors that will work well in this type of design are coral, tangerine, or sky blue.

Step Six: 

End your look with a touch of sophistication and luxury by incorporating decorative pieces like crystal chandeliers, textured wallpaper in neutral colors, or rustic wood furniture to call attention to the natural elements you’ve already incorporated into your home decor.

Step Seven:

Incorporate natural elements with furniture that reflects the style. Add a light wood accent table or headboard and dresser to your bedroom for an easy coastal touch, or paint one of your walls in shades that reflect the ocean. Add natural materials in your decorating like dried flowers, twigs, or feathers to make that coastal feel stand out. Coastal style decor is a perfect way to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Include images of the coastal decor we are talking about. Include pictures in all steps as well.

Step Eight: 

Accessorize with rustic accessories like wrought iron candle holders and trays in the corners of your space for a cozy touch. Use simple and beautiful black and white pictures with sand to give your home a beachy feel. These rustic decor items are all you need to give your home that coastal feel.

Step Nine: 

Use a large vase of fresh flowers with some water in the corner of each room for an even more relaxed vibe, and then use textiles like beach towels, blankets, or pillows on chairs and sofas—whatever feels comfortable! You can also bring in some natural elements like conch shell bowls and driftwood. Anything with a beachy feel will do.

Step Ten: 

Keep all your coastal decor items neat by using shelves or organizers to keep them looking polished? You can buy these at any home improvement store for relatively low prices–they come in so many different sizes! Also, use uniformity when displaying your items to keep them looking clean and pulled together.

Step Eleven: 

Make sure you have enough room on each wall in your house for pictures and artwork that draws people’s attention to what is important about this space, such as family photographs or favorite paintings. If there are many pictures or artwork, you can use coordinating frames for all the pieces and make them look like a collection.

Step Twelve:

Add touches with textures and materials to bring your space together. Throw a handwoven shawl over the back of one chair, fill up a shelf with interesting books, and add some oversized pillows for an inviting living room or bedroom in minutes!

Summing Up

If you’re looking for a coastal style that will be both cozy and inviting, look no further. The rustic elements of natural wood furniture mixed with the softer fabrics in your home décor are sure to make anyone feel right at home. And if you want an extra touch of coziness, we have plenty of rugs here at RugKnots!

Our selection includes everything from braided rug styles to shaggy sheepskin covers to wool accents on contemporary carpets – all perfect for adding some warmth into any space. We can’t wait to hear what you think about our new collection and how it might apply to your unique lifestyle or design aesthetic.