10 great reasons to travel by airstream RV in 2021

In times where social distance, privacy, freedom and flexibility are the mainstays of tourism, RV travel has become a new trend. Here we tell you we give you 10 excellent reasons to travel by RV (Recreational Vehicle) with the whole family.

10 great reasons to travel by airstream RV in 2021

  • It gives you privacy and allows you to keep your distance

The first of our ten reasons to travel by airstream RV is that it gives you absolute privacy and therefore the ability to maintain a healthy distance. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to interact with other travellers and take care of yourself and your family as much as possible. Plus, you have space to relax and eat, and you don’t have to worry about things like cleaning common areas in hotels.

  • Has everything you need

An RV is basically a airstream mobile home, with absolutely everything you need, from a bed and bathroom to a kitchenette and living room. That is, you can meet all your needs without having to go out.

Depending on the RV you choose, you can even enjoy entertainment centres and other amenities.

  • You save a lot, one of the best reasons to travel by RV

Travelling by airstream RV means you don’t have to spend on lodging, restaurants or transportation, which greatly reduces the cost of your trip. Of course, you do have to pay for gas and food to cook, but in comparison, it’s a much smaller expense.

At the same time, you are saving other common additional costs of travel such as, for example, fines for overweight luggage.

  • It gives you all the freedom to move

Another reason to travel in RV that could not be missing from this list is that it gives you the freedom to move freely and explore your destination however you want. Whether you have a perfectly planned route or you just want to move and explore without strings attached, you can do so without worrying about hotel reservations, open restaurants, and strict hours.

  • You can make your own schedule

And just speaking of schedules, another great advantage that recreational vehicles offer is that they give you the possibility to plan your day however you want. You don’t have to worry about check-in and check-out times, bus schedules, flight schedules, restaurants that close early… you are the only owner of your time.

  • It is pet-friendly

If you are one of those who do not even go to the corner without your best friend (or your best friends), travelling by RV is a perfect modality for you. Here you do not have to worry about hotels that do not accept pets or worry about making noise or causing any damage in the room.

  • You can take everything you need, one of the main reasons to travel by RV

Another of the best reasons to travel by RV is that it allows you to carry absolutely everything you need, something very important for those who go on vacation with the whole family. Removing the space restrictions, here you do not have to worry about your suitcase being overweight, because the baby seat does not fit or because the diaper bag does not fit under the plane seat. In addition, it allows you to cook to your liking …

  • It gives you the opportunity to reconnect with nature

Especially in states like the Arkansas and Alabama, many national parks have dedicated areas for recreational vehicles, allowing you to be just steps away from the wonders of nature without sacrificing your comfort. At the same time, in many places, you will find beautiful inns and natural spaces with very few people, which allow you to explore at your leisure and safely.

  • It is perfect for spending quality time

Regardless of whether you travel as a family, as a couple or with friends, travelling in a recreational vehicle allows you to bond and share special moments with your fellow travellers, either admiring spectacular landscapes or enjoying each other’s company after a day of exploring.

  • Saves you a lot of time

Although travelling by airstream RV involves extensive planning, once you have everything ready, the adventure begins immediately. You don’t have to worry about missing your flight or bus, you don’t have to spend hours and hours waiting at airports and terminals, nor do you have to make time to check-in.

Now that you know these ten reasons to travel by airstream RV, do you feel like doing it?