Various Mattress Sizes And The Room Sizes You Should Have Them

Most of us can’t decide on which size of mattress to choose and which one will suit us. You may be choosing the right material or may like a bigger mattress but do remember the size of your room. It is most important to know which mattress will fit in which room. After deciding on these aspects you can buy the one that suits you the best.


Here are a few things you have to check before buying a mattress:

1) Crib:

Conventional crib mattresses are made specifically for newborns and cribs. The ideal size of a full-size crib mattress should be 28 5/8″ wide by 52 5/8″ long, thickness should not be more than 6″. Sizes will vary, but it’s fine as long as they’re close to those measurements and suit your crib without being too little or too thick. These mattress sizes will be well fitted in most toddler beds once your infant outgrows the crib.

The ideal room size for the crib is 7′ by 10′, which is the same as the size of a twin bed.

2) Twin:

Twin beds are most typically used for bunk beds. They can also be found in different combinations such as a twin over full or twin over queen if there are numerous sleepers on the bottom.

This one may be a perfect solution for standard height couples who want to share a room but not a bed. It’s perfect for couples that require their separate sleeping quarters; it improves their sleep quality, eliminates movement disturbances, and makes some couples simply happy.

This bed requires a room that is 7′ x 10′ or 10′ x 10′ for two twin beds in the same room.

3) Short twin:

Short twins are often used in motor homes. Because motorhomes and campers are much smaller than your home, everything, including the beds, will be smaller. The ideal measurement of short twins is 34″ × 75″. You also can choose according to your room size.

This bed should be placed in a room that is 7′ x 10′ in size.

4) Twin XL:

Twin XL is specially designed for extra-large rooms. If you are taller than a normal person then this is the best option for you. These are 39 x 80 inches in size, which gives you an extra 6 inches in length. It also provides space for your pet at the foot of the bed.

The ideal room size for this one is 7′ × 10′

5) Full:

Full-size mattresses are 54 x 74 inches, which is 16 inches wider than a twin. These are often used in hotels. Two tiny people can easily sleep on it, yet if you move about a lot while sleeping, your companion may not enjoy the size of the bed. These are perfect for older kids who have outgrown their twin beds. Parents can also easily cuddle up next to their children when tucking them in for the night because of the size. A futon folds down into a bed, and is also available in this size.

The room size should be 10′ × 12′ to place it.

6) Full XL:

These come in 54″ × 80″ sizes. These are specially designed for taller individuals. Couples also can sleep on it. Each one has approximately 27 inches of sleeping space.

Room size should be 10′ × 12′ – 10′ × 16′.

Various Mattress Sizes And The Room Sizes You Should Have Them 1

7) Standard Queen:

These are very popular sizes among users. It adjusts two people and most importantly it allows enough space for both to move during sleep. They are significantly larger than the other beds, so you’ll need plenty of area in your bedroom to accommodate them. They are suitable for both guest rooms and teenagers’ rooms. If you’re sleeping alone in a queen bed.

Room size depends upon your choice. How much space do you want for moving? 10′ x 10′ – 10′ x 14′ is enough for this mattress.

8) Olympic Queen:

The Olympic Queen bed is 80 x 66 inches in size, with an extra 6 inches of foot space. These are ideal for taller people who still require the width but aren’t ready to upgrade to the King size. These are ideal for rooms with a larger length than width. If you have a dog who likes to sleep on the edge of the bed, this will be ideal for them.

Depending on how much walking room you desire, a room size of 10′ x 10′ to 10′ x 14′ is recommended for this bed.

9) California Queen:

The California Queen ( 84″ × 60″ ) is ideal for couples that require additional mobility space but do not require additional foot area. Couples enjoy having their personal space in bed on occasion.

Recommended room size is 12′ × 10′ – 12′ × 14′.

10) Standard King:

The King bed is perfect for couples wanting plenty of sleeping space while still having plenty of room for other activities like relaxing in a comfortable, stretched-out position. It’s almost as big as two twin XL beds put together, measuring 76 × 80 inches. It’s also the perfect size for houses with larger rooms or for individuals who frequently share their bed with kids or pets. For a single person, it gives enough space.

The ideal room size is 10′ x 12′ – 13′ x 13′.

11) California King:

Unless you have a mattress custom constructed for you, the California King bed is one of the longest sizes available. Its dimensions are 72 x 84 inches, making it excellent for individuals who require more length than width. It’s four inches thinner than a conventional king, but it’s four inches longer. It is 6 inches wider than a queen, so you and your companion will have plenty of space to sleep or snuggle.

This bed requires a room measuring 12′ x 12′ – 14′ x 12′, depending on how much walking space you require.


From these points, it is clear that you can find your best choice which not only suits you but also gives you additional support and leg space while you sleep. Simple movements that can disturb your partner while sleeping can be eliminated if you follow the above points.

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