Top 5 Alternatives To Facebook App 2021

We’re talking about the alternatives to Facebook, but first, we should find out the use of the Facebook platform. Facebook is a free platform where you connect to people globally, and its service is available for all the existing countries. Still, I’ve also heard that some countries have banned Facebook, such as Korea, China, and a few others.

I love to use my Facebook account because you get something new all the time. I’ve added most of my family & friends to my Facebook profile, and I use to chat with them. You don’t get these features on Sim Data because Sim data does not allow video calling, group calling, and much more.


Many Sim networks have started to provide the group calling option, but you get many other features on Facebook Messenger. Its usage is more when you have relatives outside the country, you get the video & audio feature free of cost, and that’s why people love to use it.

I remember my childhood days when my family members were outside the country, so we used the PCO service for calling, and the PCO service was expensive at that time. Still, you get many more features without paying the money so, technology is helping out in almost every field of life.

Now let’s discuss some of the FaceBook alternatives that offer the same service as Facebook, but if you want to get the Facebook app for Android phones, you can get it from Google Play Store.

Twitter App

Twitter is a social media platform, and it’s the most trusted platform since most celebrities love to use Twitter. The government uses this platform because most of the powerful leaders are using the Twitter platform.

Joe Biden is the current President of America, and America is currently the most powerful country so; Joe Biden also uses the Twitter platform to convey his message to the nation, and the tweet message will be shared for the public so everyone can see the tweeting message globally.

Twitter is considered the most trending social media platform after Facebook because Facebook usage is more than Twitter. The only disadvantage of using Twitter is that it does not allow the users to go live, which is a bad point, but overall it’s the most recognized platform worldwide.

Instagram App

Instagram is also a popular social media product that offers news feed, chatting, adding & removing friends, following celebrities & friends. I want to tell you about Instagram that Facebook also buys, so It’s also a Facebook project, and you can also use the Facebook account to log in to your Instagram account.

The Facebook account can also be used to create an Instagram account because both platforms are linked to each other, and that’s why people are allowed to use the same Facebook account for Instagram.

Moreover, if you search any Facebook profile on Facebook, you get some suggestions for the Instagram accounts as well, and this is because Mark owns both platforms. Instagram also offers to go live on your profile and allows the friends to make comments to the chat live; the host can also see the live chat messages and answer them live.

Telegram App

Telegram has become a very popular social media platform where people can engage themselves with other people globally. Telegram is offering to send & receive messages between two people. Telegram is offering people to create groups for different kinds of discussions.

Telegram groups are useful for creating a group where all the team members of a project are included. Creating the group allows the team members to coordinate with each other and deliver the important message to the colleagues.

Telegram app is offering the bots system where the programmed bots are helping to solve your problems. For example, I’ve recently used a Telegram bot to put the Chegg link and get the Chegg solution. For those not familiar with Chegg, Chegg is a premium website that offers to solve your studying problems.

Telegram bots are amazing, and I like the programmed bots because when I used Chegg bots on Telegram, I used to enter the Chegg URL, and the bot sends the solution within seconds, and these bots are super-fast.

I’ve seen a bad thing in it, these bots don’t work longer than a certain time, and once the certain time has been completed, the bot will stop working, and that’s why I’ve got another solution to my problem.

I browsed many YouTube channels to find out how to get Chegg answers for free, and finally, I found a website that offers free Chegg unlocking, but if the bot is working currently, you can use it for sure.

MeWe App

The MeWe app is considered the most popular alternative to Facebook because it provides the entire feature included in Facebook, such as chatting with friends, creating discussion groups, sending friends requests, and much more.

You can also tag any of your friends to the status, and it has all the features available on Facebook. Still, they’re also providing extra features to get more fame because there is too much competition here because most powerful social media platforms are spending billions of dollars to improve their setups.

Snapchat App

Snapchat is the 5th popular platform, and it also most of the features existing on FaceBook; I like to use my Snapchat account, but everything is so decodable there, and the design is very amazing, and if you want too many features in a single place, you should install the Snapchat app on your phone.

The app is downloadable from the Google Play store so, you need to open the Play Store on your phone and get the app for the phone, but make sure that you’ve logged in to your Gmail account first.