Best gifts to give to your Family and Friends in 2021

When it comes to buying birthday gifts, there’s always that one friend who knows exactly what they want. Other times, you just can’t figure out what gift would be perfect for your best friend. And while buying a $100+ gift for someone is nice, it’s not always necessary. We layout five things you can get your friends that cost less than $10. Are you having trouble with what to buy? I’ve got you covered. There are a few things that can be universally enjoyed by anyone who fits into those categories. Check out my gift guide below!

Gift cards

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea, a gift card is a way to go. It’s flexible, easy, and convenient. Plus, there are so many types of gift cards available that are perfect for every type of person.

While your friend doesn’t need to know this, a Santa hat is one of the best gifts you could give anyone. It goes with everything and is a perfect way to show off your love for the holidays.

Often you’ll find them wearing one or one half of a hat. The Kay Jewelry Santa hat is one of the most popular choices, but there are tons of other ones out there.

Santa Claus arrives early and leaves lots of goodies for children. This stocking stuffer is also perfect for people who live far away from the holidays.

You won’t find this type of stockings anywhere else. Keds are light and comfortable, so we recommend gifting them to friends who love to move around a lot.

Why not give somebody a pair of authentic sneakers to wear while they’re waiting for their turn at reindeer games? It’s a casual shoe, so it’ll keep them looking casual and fresh. You can get these from Florsheim for $90. Just make sure to note they’re shipping from China.

If you know someone who needs a job, this stocking stuffer is hard to beat. It’s an easy place to find new jobs for people looking to upgrade their skills. You can find everything from newsroom jobs to casino jobs.

This item often hits the list because of its seemingly low price. However, it might not be that cheap for someone who’s stretched to the limit. If you each order $59, it’ll cost you $172.67. That’s a small price to pay, but if you want to buy more or save up for other stocking stuffers, you can buy gift cards instead.

Dinner or Drinks

When you’re out on a date, it’s important to know whether you’re on a dinner date. On a dinner date, the setting is usually at a restaurant and the date is going to last for a couple of hours. At the end of the night, they’re going to expect you to pay for the bill and be on your way.

While these gifts don’t cost an arm and a leg, they are a perfect way to break and make a first contact purchased. A quick google of “vaping gifts” reveals 2.5 million results with hundreds of thousands of products. Not only can you impress that special someone with a gift that’s also effective at helping them quit but you’ll also show them that you look out for one another.

A stationary item

 A stationary item is a one-time purchase. This means that when a consumer buys the item, they won’t need to make additional purchases. For example, a printer is a stationary item. You buy a printer and you won’t need to buy another one for a long time. Electronics are a great example of a good gift for the electronic hobbyist. When a consumer purchases electronic devices like an electronic clock or alarm clock, they’re buying something long-term.

Convenience gifts are great for people that want something for a limited time and then wouldn’t mind getting rid of it. When purchasing an electronic item, the consumer is no longer buying just one item for themselves, but rather, they are buying several. Electronics like tablets and Smartphone add up to be a large purchase. Therefore, electronics that are gift items can last longer than most stationery items. The gift recipient will appreciate the smart idea that the consumer made to reduce their total purchase.

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Stuffing money inside a stationary item can be considered wasteful. However, it doesn’t have to be. Gifts that are made with recyclable materials and items from small businesses can help reduce waste while still being recyclable and “green.”

Gift cards give consumers another great option when it comes to making a purchase. Someone can buy a $100 Amazon gift card and use it towards something, but it can’t be gift-wrapped. The consumer doesn’t even need to think about what it is that they want to purchase. It’s their option as to how they spend the money. It’s usually a great option when someone purchases a nice dinner and gifts it to a loved one. The gift recipient can decide whether or not they want to open the envelope. The money inside can be spent on a nice meal with family.

Money can often be tight during the holidays, especially for consumers with small incomes. Direct deposit can help alleviate some of that stress when buying the gift of choice for someone.

A personalized gift

When you talk to your friend or family member about what they’re interested in, you can give them a gift that reflects that interest. For example, if they like to cook, you might give them a cooking class or a gift card to their favorite restaurant. If they like to travel, you might buy them a gift card for an airline.

When it comes to buying gifts for your friends, less is always more. That doesn’t mean cheap gifts; it means a variety of price points that each recipient can be fulfilled. Read on to see five ideas for inexpensive gifts for friends.

When a friend goes out for the holidays, it’s easy to forget about them. But, you shouldn’t. Donating and receiving a ritualizes your relationship. You can buy flowers at a shop together, visit the same holiday event twice, and even let your friend track down all the menu items from your favorite restaurant.

If your friend doesn’t have the same interest in an item anymore, it’s probably time to part ways so you can find the perfect gift. Consider gifting your friend’s gifts they have in common. Maybe they like organic chapsticks from Blue Diamond Almond Butter; maybe they share an annual hike with you or share a love for Rachel Kansas baked beans.

Instead of spending money on a gift for just one person, try getting a gift basket with different types of products from the same company. You can get the gift you and your friend like in one basket. With this approach, you can find the perfect gift for anyone in your life. If you have a memorable moment you share with your friend, buy them a personalized necklace or bracelet with an engraved date or name to celebrate your friendship.

A gift subscription service like Farmstead may not be cheap, but it’s a fun way to connect with a group of friends that share a similar love for a specific niche. Farmstead sends newsletters that feature curated gifts based on their curatorial style. From craft gifts to home decor, they have a gift everyone is interested in. To create a traditional group gift basket, mail a bunch of letters with different colored Post-Its.

A Care Package

If you’re looking for a way to delight a customer, consider sending them a “care package.” A care package is usually a one-off item that you can send to a customer to show that you value them and their business with your company. Instead of buying a trio of rose quartz earrings, you can send candles, cards, or even just a handwritten note.

This is one simple, one-time, no-strings-attached gift you can give that no one will question the reason behind sending. In other words, Emily is not only your girlfriend, but she’s that trustworthy. Give her flowers for your birthday or some birthday avocados. To truly show your appreciation, give Emily some kind of homemade food or treat for herself.

Who wouldn’t want to make their dog’s day? Besides humans, that is.

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