Gifts Ideas For 1st Karwa Chauth After Marriage

You must be well aware of the tradition of Karva Chauth and its importance in Indian culture. This long day fast or Vrat observed by Indian women is done for the purpose of securing the health and longevity of their husband’s life. This tradition starts with the mother in law offering sargi to her daughter-in-law in the morning. The daughter-in-law eats this and gets ready for the fast that she would be observing throughout the day. The thought of observing this fast seems quite difficult initially but the love for their partners provides inner strength to the women and they spend the entire day without sipping even a drop of water. No doubt this festival is special for all. However, it becomes more delightful and extra special if the couple is to celebrate their first Karva Chauth after marriage. If you will be celebrating your first Karva Chauth with your partner then you must purchase some Karva Chauth gift for Husband online for your partner and voice out your love to them, thereby making them feel special.

You may check out our list of gifts ideas that can be given to your wife to make your first Karwa Chauth memorable.

Personalised wooden caricature 

You can choose to give a cute, unique and funny gift for voicing out your love to your partner on the occasion of Karva Chauth. Choose a photograph of you and your partner together and get it converted into a fantastic and funny wooden caricature that can be placed in your house as a lovely showpiece. It would remind your love to your partner of fun and would also bring a broad smile to their face.


Instead of worrying about what to get for your partner, you can bid your money on purchasing fancy handbags because women love purchasing handbags or getting them as gifts. After all, it makes an addition to their collection. Choose a bag in the colour that your wife likes the most. You can also pair it up with other accessories to make it more delightful. You can put some cash in the handbag itself and offer it to your wife. 

Shopping coupon

Taking your partner shopping is a complete Win-Win when it comes to choosing a gift for your partner. If you are worried about getting a gift and ending up with something that is not liked by your partner then you can play it safe by letting your partner make the choice. Instead of buying gifts for them, you can give them shopping coupons and let them spend it the way they want to.

Cosmetic hamper

Choosing gifts for women also becomes easy because of the wide range of products that are available in the market. You can choose to surprise your wife through online Karwa Chauth gifts delivery of cosmetic products, makeup kits or entire cosmetic hampers that may include face cream,  lipstick, nail polish and many other products related to beauty and skincare. 

The much-awaited honeymoon

If you are one of those couples who got married during the lockdown and did not get a chance to go for a vacation or have a nice honeymoon somewhere out then now is the perfect time to do so. Instead of looking for gifts for your wife, you can book your tickets to any of her dream locations and go for a vacation or your much-awaited honeymoon. 

Red Roses with wine teddy

When it comes to choosing gifts for partner’s, Red Roses can never be forgotten. After all, they are the epitome of love and passion. You too can buy a lovely bouquet of Red Roses and accompany it along with a cute, cuddly and fluffy teddy bear and speak your heart to your wife on the occasion of Karva Chauth. 

Heart-shaped gift items

Since you are looking for a gift for the one who resides in your heart, it would be quite romantic to get gifts in heart-shaped items. You can choose to get a floral arrangement of heart shape or you can get heart-shaped chocolates. You can also get a heart-shaped cushion or pillows for your wife and elaborate your love to her and thank her for observing the difficult fast of Karva Chauth for you. 

These were some amazing gift ideas for you to offer your love to your partner on the special occasion and thank them for being so dedicated and caring towards you. You may choose any of the desired Gift items and win the heart of your partner with little gifts that you choose for them and have a memorable celebration of Karva Chauth.

Hope you like our list of gifts ideas from which you can choose from to make your wife feel special on this special occasion. Share your views in comment section below.