Interesting And Approved Ways To Reset The Xfinity Wireless Router

The Xfinity Wireless router is a secure wireless network router that delivers up to one Gigabit speed and 2.5 Gigabit speed for xFi gateway and xFi third generation respectively. It has two ethernet ports that provide security and privacy to our network by the use of wired cables. It extends the network coverage by xFi gateways. Separate guest networks with parental control also enhance the security of our network.

It has a smart LED light and 2.5GHZ transmission speed with a dual-band wifi option. The setup process can be easily accomplished within a minute by pressing the WPS button for a few seconds. The connected client limit for 2.4GHz and 5GHz is 75 for xFi third-generation gateway while 30 and 75 for xFi advanced generation. It looks good and gives a pleasant appearance to our home. Now we explain how you can set up the Xfinity Router by an app.

Xfinity Wireless Router Setup Using App

Download The App

These steps should be followed to do the Xfinity xb7 setup. Download and install the Xfinity xFi app from Google Play Store and App Store for your smartphone. Update to the latest version of the Xfinity Wireless Router app if you already installed it. The alternate way to redirect to the app is by scanning the QR code label on the back or button of the router. Launch the app and enter the login details of Xfinity ID. Tap on the Get Started button to proceed. It may take 15 to 25 minutes.

Plug The Wire Into AC Outlet

The app will guide you to activate the internet or voice service and set up the gateway for your Xfinity Wireless Router device. Plug to the AC power outlet using a wired cable. Make sure that no obstruction can interrupt the signal coverage and strength. If a single white light blinks, this means the device is ready to activate. Tap on the ready to go button to continue. Now Gateway is on and makes sure that wire is connected to the AC power outlet.

Personalize Your Network

Now personalize the connection with the network name and password and tap on the Next button to continue. If the cable is not working, try with another cable or AC outlet, otherwise, tap on. I don’t have any outlet. After confirming the network details, activate the Xfinity voice and tap on the Confirm button to finish the setup using an app. Next, we are going to explain the reset procedure for the Xfinity xb7 router.

Reset Procedure for Xfinity Wifi Router

Here you can easily get the reset procedure for the Xfinity device. Resetting the device will create default factory settings. I can reset my Xfinity router password using the web interface and by a small paper clip. You need to follow all the steps one by one.

Reset Using Web Interface

To reset the Xfinity xb7 router password by web interface, follow these steps. Open the browser on the smartphone or computer and type the IP address. A new window with Xfinity’s official site opens. Just type the login ID and password for Xfinity Wireless Router. Click on the Reset or restore button icon available on the top of the screen. Click on the Reset Factory Settings and the device is reset. All your data will be lost. You will be redirected to all default settings. The Reset Using Web Interface is now completed. Now, we explain how you can reset the device using a Small Paper Clip.

Reset Using Small Paper Clip

The Xfinity router password can also be reset by using a small paper clip. There is a small I hole in the back of the router. Take a paper clip and press for at least 35 to 40 seconds on the back of the Xfinity Wireless Router hole. You will see that the router restarts automatically and the solid LED light starts blinking. After some time, the light starts blinking again. You are now ready to do the setup again. Now reset using small paper clip complete. You can enjoy browsing.

You can also use the Xfinity Assistant app to consult your problems, which provides you 24*7 customer support.


The Xfinity Wireless Router is a very good device and I have been using this for the last 12 months. Everything works fine, there is no issue with that. Transmission speed is very fast and covers a wide range of areas to get uninterrupted wireless network connections. Easy setup and 24*7 customer support with Xfinity Assistant make it reliable.

With its small and compact size, it can be connected anywhere. Overall, it is a very good product and I must recommend buying this. You can easily get this device for home or office use. This device is available in the electronic store. You can also purchase it from online stores. If you want to get a fast network speed the take a step to choose this device.