How Not to Give Up When Fighting Unfairness

Many people have a hard time digesting this fact, but the world is not fair. If you really want to change something wrong, then you must first identify the problem and go to its root cause. You can’t solve an issue if you deny its existence in the first place. 

There must have been many occasions in your life where you had to face injustice and unfairness. This is not just a matter of the past; it will also keep happening in the future. The only thing we can do is fight against it wherever we see it. 

This can be a very tiring and difficult process and can put your life, respect, and all resources in danger. However, you must not give up and fight to the end until you have met your goals. 

Your biggest challenge will be fighting with yourself. You might want to quit when you get demotivated, but it’s crucial to fight these emotions. You only lose when you give up. Here I’ve discussed how to stay sharp and motivated when fighting unfairness. 

Spread Awareness through Writing

You should let the world know about the injustice that has been going on around you and them. It doesn’t just affect you. These things affect everyone and even coming generations, so it is everyone’s concern. Start writing about the issues and get them published on prestigious platforms where people will read them. 

You can get your story published at The Doe as an anonymous writer to share everything there is to know while keeping your identity safe. It will spread awareness and people will start to recognize the problem and slowly start to fight against it. Your campaign will get stronger when people have a good understanding of the cause. 

Build Your Own Team

You can’t keep fighting alone if your goal is to succeed. Your enemies might do something to get you out of the game and that will mean the end of the cause. This is why you need people on your team that will continue even when you are no longer there. 

A team will also give a strong footing to fight the powerful people and the injustice wreaked upon the world. Look for like-minded people who understand your cause and troubles and want to make this world a better place. You won’t have to ask them to join you if they really want to do something. 

Be Prepared for the Worst-Case Scenario

If you want to stay on the course without losing heart, then you must prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario. Think about the worst thing that can happen to you and your cause and make a plan on how you will deal with it. 

For example, you should build a team, but there might come a time where no one will support you. This is why you should learn to fight alone and become strong alone. Become a one-man army and act like it even if you have support.

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