What Features to Look for Before Choosing a Webinar Software?

You have witnessed and read about the power of webinars, and you’ve concluded that they can be of tremendous benefit to your small business.

Because webinars allow you to interact with customers and build trust, it is a great way to establish your brand.

Webinars are a great way to showcase your products or services and get your audience excited.

The sheer amount of options available can make it difficult to choose the right platform for your company.

You can use them for education and training purposes. With automated and 24/7 running webinars, it is possible to educate your customers and engage them effectively.

Many people use them to establish themselves as an expert in their field as it will increase trust and authority, which further helps them sell any products or services in the future.

This article will discuss what makes a great webinar software and give you a step-by-step guide to choosing the right solution for your small business.

What are the features a good webinar platform should have?

Before you start looking for a webinar platform to use, it is important to understand how to find a platform that has the features you need to host successful webinars. Here are some features to look for:

Mobile-friendliness and easy-to-use

A good webinar platform should be simple to set up and use without technical knowledge. It should be easy to use and seamless for users to onboard. It should be mobile-friendly because your audience will expect this as we live in a mobile world.

Options for customization

Brand customization can help you project professionalism to your audience. It should be possible to customize your emails, add company colors and logos, and use custom backgrounds.

Recording, sharing, polling, and voting

The platform should make it easy for you to record and share webinars. Your audience can record your webinars and access them at their leisure. Polls allow you to get feedback from your audience.

Email marketing

Most platforms allow you to send invitations via email. However, if you’re not comfortable using your software, quality platforms will allow you to integrate with your existing email marketing software.

Customer support

Is there a collection of videos and other resources that you can use for help? You will not be able to solve all your tech problems on your own. You can count on 24-hour customer support, an extensive library of instructional guides, as well as a vibrant community of other users to the platform.


In an effective webinar software is very important to automate tasks like sending attendees email reminders before their scheduled time. Also, You can set up webinars in advance with a start and end time. They will save the time and effort of organizers, but at the same time, they are not interactive.

How to choose the right webinar platform for your needs

Now that you are familiar with the key features of a great webinar platform, how do you find the right one for your needs? This step-by-step guide will help you to do just that.

Step 1: Define your goals.

It is important to determine what benefits you expect to have in a webinar for your company. You will identify the functionality you require in a webinar platform if you have clearly defined goals.

Webinars could interest you for many reasons.

  • To generate leads for your business
  • To increase brand awareness
  • Demonstrating products to generate sales
  • Online meetings and events
  • To run an online course

Before you move on to the research stage, take the time to understand your needs fully.

Step 2: Perform your research to narrow down your options

Many software review websites and online resources will help you evaluate your options. It is the stage where you compare the available webinar platforms features and identify the platforms with the right feature sets for your needs.

A simple app with no bloated features is sufficient if your needs are straightforward or you need an online meeting platform.

If you require fully functional software, you can check out platforms that integrate third-party tools. These platforms let you record and share your webinars, as well as all the bells & whistles you’ll need.

Step 3: Take some time to explore your options

Here is where free trials are most valuable. You can use free trials to evaluate the effectiveness of each platform in achieving your business goals.

Step 4: Make a decision.

Once you have done all your research, the final step is to make a decision. Your budget, the features you require, and your experience with each platform will influence your final decision.


It can be daunting to choose the right platform for webinars. Fortunately, this article will help you find the best platform to generate leads and establish lasting relationships with customers. So keeping these factors in your mind, you can confidently select the correct platform for your business.