Things to Consider Before Buying an OTG Oven?

Most people love to eat roasted, grilled, or baked food. It can be cumbersome to use different appliances for roasting, baking, or grilling. People prefer to cook at home due to the increasing number of health issues.

Oven Toaster and Griller (OTG oven) is an appliance that will help you make your favorite baked or grilled dishes at home. It can be not easy to choose an OTG due to the many options on the market. The buying guide can help you decide if you want to purchase an OTG.

Difference between OTG Oven and Microwave Oven

Many people are unsure whether an OTG or microwave oven is necessary. Although the two products may look very similar, they have vastly different functionality. The functions of an OTG are limited to toasting, grilling and baking.

So if your uses are limited to these functions, then OTGs are the best for you as it is a dedicated appliance for professional baking. Still, if you want a single appliance that can make various types of food, then you should consider the microwave.

A microwave oven is best to cook, toast, reheat, bake or prepare simple meals such as rice and noodles. OTG is the best choice if you want to bake, grill, roast or roast food perfectly.

They also have differences in preheat time and food preparation. An OTG uses the heatwave system for preheating, and a microwave uses microwave heating. The average heating time of an OTG is around 15 minutes, whereas, for a microwave, it is just 5 minutes.

When it comes to baking, OTG can bake your items more professionally than microwaves. A good quality microwave can produce some fine but not as OTG.

Important Features of an OTG

Here we will describe the important things to consider before buying an OTG oven for your home.


You must consider the OTG’s capacity. Depending on your family size and intended use, you can choose between a 10/20/30L or 30L OTG. Large-sized OTGs are ideal for holding large containers, but they also require more energy to run. Before deciding on the capacity, consider your family size and the amount of food you prepare.


OTGs of different brands have different warranties. Check the warranties of different brands to ensure you choose an OTG with a more extended warranty.

Energy Consumption

Like all other kitchen appliances, OTGs have a different power consumption. Models that are larger in size use more power than those with smaller dimensions. Before you choose an OTG, make sure to assess your cooking requirements. You can choose a model that consumes less power if you don’t bake a lot.


OTGs can be purchased with or without rotisserie functions, which are great for cooking meat. You can choose an OTG with no rotisserie function if you’re a vegetarian. For convenience, however, an OTG without rotisserie is possible.


You should verify the intended use of an OTG before you purchase it. A larger capacity OTG is better if you plan to cook with it. A smaller oven is also recommended if the OTG is to be used for heating and defrosting.


When buying an OTG oven, price is the most crucial factor. Higher capacity OTGs are more expensive than those with lower capacities. To make sure you are making the right choice, read reviews before purchasing an OTG oven.


Each OTG includes a control panel that makes it easy for you to control and manage the functions and operations of the oven. You can choose from the following control panels, depending on your preference:

Analog: An OTG that has analogue controls features mechanical switches and knobs. These ovens are affordable and last a long time.

Digital: These OTGs are digitally controlled by push buttons. Digital control OTGs can be set up with more precision.

Keep Warm Function

OTGs can be equipped with a ‘Keep Warm’ function that preserves freshness and warmth. This function ensures that the food doesn’t need heating.

Additional Attachments

There are many attachments for OTGs on the market that make cooking easier. Check to see if the OTG has additional attachments like a baking pan, removable crumb tray and skewer when you buy it.

Auto Shut Off Function

The latest OTG has an auto shut off function that ensures safety and saves users from making multiple trips to the kitchen. This option allows the OTG oven to shut off after the food has been cooked automatically.


OTG ovens can cook the same dishes as microwave meals. It can also bake and grill food to perfection. To ensure you get the best OTG oven, you should read the following important points.

Many popular brands offer a variety of OTG ovens for your home. Both appliances are very useful for your homes, and you can select them according to your preferences and requirements.