Can the user watch Tik Tok without the App?

The user still has several ways to watch Tik Tok if the Tik Tok has been banned. The user can watch Tik Tok videos on his mobile browser or computer. Though many countries executive orders have banned this App, still, it has a website. The website does not provide all the similar features like the App; nevertheless, it provides some features. 

It may be tough to find some specific features because there is no search option on the website. Most of the content usually has a process on how to get a Tik Tok account, but without the Tik Tok account and the App, we discussed how we could use Tik Tok.

Watching Tik Tok on its website:

The user needs to open the web browser and needs to type Then the websites will open, and it will let him watch thousands of videos. Here, he can browse the top selections and can click on the name of the Tik Tok creator. It will take him their own page, which videos are trending have their own site. The user needs to find the creator through a hashtag or a trending video to track down a specific video. Then, he can browse the creator page to find the video he is searching for.

He can also find trending hashtags videos that are viral out of hashtags. He can click on their own hashtags page, find thousands of videos, and enjoy the specific creator videos. Because of lacking search options, the site makes it less valuable. But as a non- Tik Tok user’s, it helps him to enjoy the Tik Tok videos.

Watching Tik Tok through YouTube:

YouTube is the most useful site to access and find Tik Tok videos. It is simple to use, and the user can easily access the site through android, laptop, iPad, iOS or many other smart devices. YouTube has a search option bar locating at the top of the home screen. The user can type ‘Tik Tok’ in the searching option then he will find more specific videos he would like. He can also find some particular videos he has no idea about that.

Besides, many viral videos have appeared on the app display. It is the easiest process to track the Tik Tok videos. The creator uploads their videos on the YouTube platform through an easy process; that’s why the non-Tik Tok user can easily find those videos.

Can the user watch Tik Tok without the App? 3

Watching Tik Tok through social media platforms:

Sometimes, YouTube and the Tik Tok website can not track the latest Tik Tok trending videos, which are blooming up online. Even the Tik Tok website ‘trending’ page can not capture the real situation. But the social media platform can track all of the latest videos. That’s why users can easily find the viral trends and enjoy the videos without having any trouble.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the social media platforms that contain those latest trending videos. All of them, Facebook is easy to access and useful to track the upcoming viral content, and people widely use this platform. On the other hand, Twitter’s search bar and its’ hashtag system are very helpful to track viral trends. Instagram hashtags structured work in a similar process to Twitter.

Each of the platforms is widely used to track the Tik Tok videos, especially for non-users. These sites are suitable options to search specific videos, trends or viral tracks.


Nowadays, Tik Tok is one of the famous apps. It is difficult to find who does not use it. For users who do not prefer to download the App or have faced trouble, then they have some options to enjoy the Tik Tok videos. They can enjoy it through a web browser on their computer or mobile without using the App. Besides, where Tik Tok is banned, the user can use VPN to bypass the firewall. A lot of Tik Tok content creators upload their content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok websites. So, it is possible to watch Tik Tok videos without downloading the app.