7 Great Gifts for the Tech Worker in Your Life

With the holidays approaching, we’re all looking for the perfect gifts for the special people in our lives. Knowing what to get for a tech enthusiast can be difficult. The number of brands and technology on offer can be overwhelming, and it’s tough for the uninitiated to know what products make sense for the tech worker in their life.

Technologists often have their own lingo and terminology that they use to discuss tech products and their benefits. Whether they’re describing the specs on the computer, tablet or smartphone on their wish list, for someone with no idea what 16GB of RAM or a 2.4Ghz processor means, it can be difficult to know what to get as a gift.

Let’s eliminate some of the guesswork and talk about seven gifts that most tech workers are sure to love.

Tile Tracker

Many techies have a lot of personal electronics that they have to keep track of, and doing so isn’t always easy. Many are frequently misplacing their phone, keys, or wallets. A Tile tracker is a small Bluetooth device that sinks with a user’s phone or computer so that they can always keep track of the location of their personal items.

The tracker can easily be fastened to keychains or wallets and will easily alert the user to its location whenever needed. It’s also an example of a gift that uses the impressive technology of Bluetooth, which tech works will certainly appreciate.

Tile trackers even have premium features that allow you to receive alerts even before your personal items get lost. The company offers a guarantee that it will reimburse users if their item can’t be found through its premium subscription. Another feature of the software is the 30-day location tracking of items through GPS.

The tile tracker is the ultimate solution for misplaced personal items, and it’s sure to delight techies by offering a tech-savvy solution to an annoying everyday problem. This piece by the New York Times offers some insights into the best Bluetooth trackers on the market.

 Bluetooth Earbuds

A pair of Bluetooth headphones or earbuds are a great gift for a tech worker. Not only do they also bring Bluetooth technology to a novel and innovative product, they also provide a very simple use case for an individual working in tech.

Particularly in these days of remote work for tech employees, Bluetooth earbuds are the perfect tool for a tech worker to seamlessly connect with colleagues through video conferencing. It also allows them to easily listen to music or consume content while on the go or while on their computer.

Many tech workers love to listen to music while coding or doing other kinds of technical work. Moreover, most Bluetooth headphones also include a quality microphone that will allow them to communicate efficiently on important calls. There are many Bluetooth headphones on the market, and while Apple Airpods are the most popular option in the US, there are many others available at more affordable prices.

An Amazon Smart Plug

The Amazon smart plug is the perfect gift for those that appreciate life-enhancing technology. The plug makes electronics connected to it responsive to voice commands. 

The plug connects to the user’s wifi network so that the user can turn lights or speakers connected to it on and off using nothing but the sound of their voice. Users can also schedule power to go on and off at different times throughout the day using the Alexa app.

Its design allows it to operate without obstructing other outlets. It’s compact, elegant and simple. Its seamless integration of technology offers an elegant, convenient solution to consumers and is a no-brainer for tech lovers.

This piece by the Washington Post touches on smart plugs as well as other smart home technologies that could make a great gift.

A Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is another perfect gift for tech workers because it uses technology to give users more awareness about their progress towards achieving their health and fitness goals. Many offer the ability to collect real-time data while working out that can be reviewed afterwards.

This data allows the user to gain insight into how many calories they’re burning, their heart rate fluctuations, and the number of steps they’ve taken. Many fitness trackers also offer the chance to keep track of their friends’ fitness goals to provide social pressure in order to follow through with their ambitious aspirations.

The market is flooded with different options when it comes to fitness trackers. Among them are the Apple Watch, the Fitbit, and the Xiaomi Mi Band. Great deals on each can be found on Amazon and eBay. The BBC offers some great stories on the latest and greatest fitness trackers if you’d like to do your research.

A Sci-Fi Classic Like Neuromancer

Neuromancer is a book that will appeal to many technologists, coders, and engineers that enjoy great sci-fi and suspenseful stories.

It’s become a classic over the years and was one of the primary inspirations for the movie The Matrix. 

The book tells the story of a washed-up computer hacker that is hired for one last job and finds himself battling a sophisticated artificial intelligence. AI fans are sure to enjoy the attention to detail regarding technology subjects.

If the tech worker in your life loves The Matrix, as so many do, Neuromancer could be a great gift. It was even included in this list of best sci-fi books by Cool Things Chicago.

A Facial Steamer

Facial steaming is a terrific practice for overall health as well as relaxation. Particularly helpful for individuals with allergies, it’s the perfect gift for tech workers that often spend long hours indoors or in an air-conditioned environment.

The sleek and tech-forward design is one that is almost sure to be appreciated by techies, and it’s so ergonomic that you can quickly create steam and angle it perfectly towards their nose or forehead.

The steam is perfect for opening up pores so that they can be cleaned effectively and also serve a role in exfoliating the skin. They are one of the latest health-related tech trends that have become popular among techies.

A Playstation 5

A Playstation is an ultimate gift for tech workers that also love gaming. That means almost all of them. The Playstation 5 has been made opportunistically available right before the holiday season. You might have to preorder it depending on when you pull the trigger, but rest assured, the gamer in your life will be sure to thank you.

Playstation 5 offers improved specifications compared to the Playstation 4, and it will still allow gamers to play their PS4 favourites. Moreover, new games are sure to be coming down the pike specifically made for the PS5.

The console is beautiful, sporting a design that allows it to be propped up vertically or layed on its side horizontally. A PS5 might be the closest thing to a sure bet for a gift that a tech worker will be sure to love.