Why is my speedify wifi router not connecting to the internet ?

The Internet is so useful in those days. Without using the internet we can’t perform and manage our work, So for internet connectivity there are lots of router and Wi-Fi devices available in the market but did you know which one is the best ? and can fulfill all the basic requirements of the internet in daily life. So today we are going to suggest you a speedify wifi router. In this router you will get many advanced features like it supports dual – band with speed of 1733 mbps in 5GHZ and in 2GHZ 300 mbps.

Wi-Fi means internet. Wi-Fi is fast then mobile internet so many users used different kinds of router in their house for internet connectivity. But if you’re using a high quality router then you do not need to compromise with internet speed. So use speedify wifi router in this router you can connect 16 users at one time without any problem. The speedefy ac1200 wifi router setup is also too easy. So today we are going to solve the issue if your router is not connecting to the internet.

My device is connected to speedify wifi router but no internet ?

This issue can be raised due to many reasons if your speedify wifi router firmware is not updated and you are using an old version, Or also can be due to outdated hardware. Check the internet cable is not damaged if yes then replace it. If many connections are connected to the same network , this can also be due to low signal strength. To solve the issue follow some instructions given below.

Restart Speedify wifi router

You need to restart the speedefy wifi router, remove the power adapter from the main eclectic socket, and wait for 1 minute and plug in again. Check the internet to start to work or not by connecting your device.

Firmware Update

Update your speedefy wifi router firmware, you need to download the firmware from the main official website. To download, open the website and in the search bar type your router model number. And search for it if available then download and save in your computer by selecting the downloading location. Now access the router configuration page. After connecting your device with speedify wifi router wifi network. To access the configuration page type default IP Address of your router and search it. After login you can update.

Reset speedefy wifi router

If still the problem is not solved you need to reset your speedify wifi router, To perform the reset process you need to look at your router back side, A small reset button is available just press it for 2 seconds and wait for LED indicators. If you will notice the behaviour of indicators is changed then your router is entered on factory reset mode. Wait for some time after resetting your router to restart. Keep in mind that after resetting you need to again set up your speedefy wifi router. All the saved settings will lose.

How to set up my speedefy wifi router?

The setup of speedefy wifi router is so simple just follow the steps given below –

Connect your speedefy wifi router adapter into an electrical outlet and power it “ON”. The LED indicators will start to flash and wait until they get stabilized. Now just open the WI-FI settings in your mobile/laptop/tablet and search for nearby online wifi networks, Just click on your network, If you are unable to find your speedefy wifi router network then look at the label of router the password as well as username is already printed.

After connecting with your router Wi-FI. Open any web browser on the same device and in URL box type speedefywifi.com or the default IP address of your router and search it, You will land on the login portal here and need to enter your login credentials.

The default username is “Admin” and password is ‘ADMIN” after entering click on login and you will land on the admin page. Now you can follow the instructions shown on the screen. In this way you can easily set up your speedefy wifi router, but after login don’t forget to change the login credentials and note it on a paper or take a screenshot for later use. In this way you can easilys set up within a few minutes.

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