Tips on How to Choose a Reliable Essay Service

Writing services save millions of students the agony of spending college years stuck in the library. They also help you when you need to focus on other tasks like athletics, art, business, or a job. In other cases, you use essay writing services when you are unwell or would like to boost your grades. 


The biggest challenge with writing services is determining their authenticity. While all promise the best experience, some disappoint through delayed delivery, plagiarism, high cost, and poor quality work. Essay writing services reviews will assist you to choose the best homework helpers. 

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to choose the most reliable essay writing services online. 

Read customer reviews 

Customer reviews are experiences of students who ordered papers online. The reviews are found on the writing service’s website or customer insight platforms. Check the reviews to understand the type of writing service you are dealing with. 

Positive feedback should entice you to hire the writers because previous students got value. If the feedback is negative, you might consider looking elsewhere.

The best reviews are posted on platforms where the writing services do not control. It makes such reviews genuine since the writing services cannot delete the negative comments. Look out for information on turn-around time, plagiarism, attention to details, and uniqueness of ideas. 

Ask for recommendations from fellow students

Some students in your networks are already using writing services. Instead of approaching strangers, you can use the writing services that are known to your peers. Such writing services have been tested and proven to offer quality services. 

A referral from a fellow student is more reliable than the marketing gimmicks applied by writing services online. The student has no commercial interest that would cause him to recommend a bad writer. Some of the referrals also come with discounts. Since you already know what to expect from the writing service, you will have a smooth ride. 

Check the prices

The cost of writing services is a crucial consideration when looking for homework help. You do not have all the money to spend on writing services. You need to spend as little as possible without compromising quality. 

The basic formula to determine the cost of writing services should consider the topic. Some topics are more intense than others. For instance, you need a technical writer to handle a paper in medicine compared to one in business or communication. The length of the paper and the expected delivery time also matter. Expect to pay more for papers running into tens of pages. If you need the paper within a few hours, you will have to pay a premium price. The cost should be predictable and not come with hidden charges. 

Scrutinize the profile of writers

Check the profile of writers to determine whether they can handle your paper. The best writers are trained professionals. Higher qualifications like post-graduate studies produce better writers. They understand the technical academic rules used in essay writing. 

Choose experienced academic writers. Through experience, they deliver more engaging and compelling discussions. Further, check the ratings given by other clients. Top-rated writers will deliver a better essay. 

Examine the policy on revision

Is the writing service ready to revise your paper once you make that request? You can proceed to hire them if they are ready. The revision should come at no cost. It is the only guarantee you have of getting a satisfactory paper. 

Revision should also be a priority by taking the least time possible. In the absence of a revision policy, you will end up with a paper that does not meet expected standards yet you have paid for it. 

Assess plagiarism handling

How does the writing service handle plagiarism? The best writing services will include a plagiarism report when returning your paper. The report is generated using the same software that your department will use when receiving your paper. 

Writing services also allow you to check for plagiarism before accepting a paper. Do not compromise on plagiarism because it will bring you down even years after graduation. A writing service that is open about its plagiarism policy will give you confidence that it is ready to produce the best paper. Learn more about finding the best writing services online from pros in the industry. 

Use social media to get recommendations

Social media can be used to hunt for the best writing services online. Students in your network will recommend writing services they have been using for their assignments. You may also mention a specific writing service to see whether anyone has had a good experience with it. 

Student forums on social media will also help during vetting. A college students’ group is a reliable source of recommendation. Since you are strangers on such platforms and the platforms collect students from different regions, you will get the most genuine reviews. 

Work with previous writing services 

Have you ordered a paper in the past? Did you like the experience, it is advisable to return to the writing service for more. Since you have worked with the writers, you have a better idea of what to expect. You avoid starting a new relationship with a stranger, that could end in disappointment. 

Do not gamble with your schoolwork. Only hire a professional and reliable writing service to handle your assignments. The best writing services guarantee peace of mind, an excellent writing experience, and quality essays in the end.