How To Make Your Corporate Gifting Game Strong

Corporate gifting is an effective method of creating more business, attracting more clients and taking care of your employees. Corporate gifting is considered as a well-tried technique to improve and maintain an employers image in the market amongst both employees and clients; it is a practice where existing and prospective clients are given certain gifts as either an invitation to invest or explore or in the case of existing clients, as a token of gratitude for being a part of the firm. As for employees, these gifts show appreciation and thankfulness from the employer’s end for all the hard work staff puts in for the organization. With so many advantages, it is evident that a lot of firms, big and small, use this technique, and it is very beneficial, but only if done right. So, here we are sharing a few tips for you to keep in mind while selecting your next corporate gift.

For Clients:


  • The first thing you need to remember while selecting a corporate gift for the client is that the gift should be trendy. Irrespective of they are already associated with you, or you want them to join you, a gift that is the talk of the market will definitely ear you some browny points. You can go for the latest gadgets, a high-end wine or a fruit or gourmet basket.


  • The second thing to remember is, give something that holds value, and value doesn’t necessarily mean money but something of high quality and reflects the organization’s values. A good quality present shows how the organization is willing to invest in better material and products, and it also lasts long, creating a good impression.


  • Some organizations often ignore how the present looks from the outside and how it is given to the recipient and focus mainly on the gift itself, and they can not be more wrong. As the proverb goes, first impression matters, the first look of your gift makes a lasting impression on your clients. Therefore we suggest that you pay equal attention to the packaging and the presentation of your gift as you do to the present itself.


  • One mistake that organizations typically make is sending gifts with brand logos and promotions to existing clients. Even though sending gifts with your company’s logo on them is a great way to promote your brand and invite new clients, the existing clients already share a bond with you. Therefore, sending a brand personalized gift to them might send the message that the organization only values them for the profit they provide, and the firm is more money-minded than socially and emotionally responsible. So, it is better that you send gifts to existing clients that just show gratitude and thankfulness from your end.

For Employees:

  • First of all, understand the value of a corporate gift from your employee’s point of view. For you, he or she might be just another employee, but from their end, the job makes a huge part of their life where they spend most of their time. This way you will understand how vital the work is for them and you will have a new kind of appreciation for them.


  • Secondly, go for something they can use every day, like a mug or a water bottle; you can go the extra mile and get those gifts personalized just for them. This way, they will realize how significant they are for the firm. You can also go for a pack of coffee, the essential working fuel of every worker’s life.


  • Nothing makes one happier than when his individuality and cultural identity is respected and recognized. Suppose you are seriously considering giving a fantastic corporate gift to your employees. In that case, you should consider the person’s culture and give a culturally appropriate gift, or at least refrain from giving a gift that is frowned upon in their tradition. It will also improve the environment of the office as the work floor will become more ethnically inclusive and safe.
  • Lastly, consider the occasion and choose accordingly. It goes without saying, but not every gift fits well with every occasion; therefore, it is highly recommended from our end that you take the event into account before deciding the gift. For example- plants, mugs etc., could be excellent as a birthday gift, but they are a little off for Diwali or Christmas.

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