The most important elements on the local business website

Nowadays, marketing is even more tricky than it used to be. If you want to have a chance to win more clients than your opponents, we strongly suggest you prepare a good, responsive web page for your business. Below, we’ve listed the most important features and functionalities that shouldn’t be missing from it.

Visual design

Some might say that the most important thing on the page is the actual content. While it’s not that far from the truth, the visual design is actually the thing that might help you succeed. How so? Just think about it. When you visit a webpage for the first time, do you stay on it if you think that the design isn’t really great? Even if you do, you are in the minority. Most of the users only stay on the page to look up the content, if it looks modern and interesting. We can even say that the appearance of the website is a kind of key to arousing the interest of the recipient. Even if there is the best content behind the door, without a key – a potentially interested party will simply not enter.

Clear information about the industry

If you want to be successful, you have to be straightforward. One of the first pieces of information the recipient should see is the type of industry you work for. If they can’t specify whether you deliver the services or products they need – there is a high possibility they will just lose interest. Prepare a logo informing you about the industry or a funny catchword that will tell the visitors what you do for a living.

Contact information

The contact information can’t be hidden. If you catch the eye of the potential customer, don’t make it hard for him to call you or send an e-mail: otherwise, they might just go to your competitor. Also – not really connected to the page, but also important – make yourself accessible. Giving your phone number on the page assumes you answer the phone or call back. Information about an e-mail should go hand in hand with fairly quick replies to messages.


Responsiveness is one of the most important things when it comes to web pages. People have a variety of preferences when it comes to web browsers. Thus – your page should be accessible to them no matter what. To prepare a good web page that works well with many popular web browser choices – you need a good web design agency, such as Cut2Code. Thanks to the work of specialists, your page will work just fine on Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers.

Easy navigation

The navigation should be easy and intuitive. The most important information, such as prices, contact information or a list of services you provide should be easily accessible. If your potential customer will not be able to find what he is looking for – the chances that he will actually buy something are really slim. Don’t make it hard on visitors and plan the page with Cut2Code: thanks to that, navigating on the page will be as simple as possible.

High quality content

The quality of the content is really important. It’s not only about the lack of linguistic errors, but also a high level of merit. Thanks to the content you might get the visitor to stay on the page longer.