6 Best UK Mail Forwarding Services In 2k21

Are you searching for a reliable UK virtual postbox for email forwarding when you’re not in town? Indeed, moving abroad for a couple of days or months can be a massive upheaval. A significant challenge that expatriates experience is figuring out how to keep their UK address for receiving mails from insurance companies, banks, DVLA, HMRC, passport office, and other courier companies that cannot deliver to the numbered PO box abroad.

But luckily, there’s one solution for that, and it comes in one effortless motion – virtual postbox or mail forwarding services!

You can choose two mailing names to link them to your account, and you can tailor the services to suit your exact needs. You will also be able to decide how you want your post to be handled, including opening, scanning, holding, and emailing documents.

As for forwarding, you can forward mail to any service worldwide, and you have the choice between standard post or recorded and re-packaged.

Post Central’s strength lies in its simplicity. Unlike UKPostBox, they offer a clear pricing plan with no hidden costs. As a result, you get exactly what you pay for, and there are very little to no chances of your being confused about what you get.

The signing up process is also pretty simple and can be done online in minutes, and their services are available to individuals and businesses alike.


A mail forwarding solution is a service to provide businesses with an address to send the mails. As per the expat’s preference, the mail gets collected and delivered to the house or office. Alternatively, it can reach the customer in the form of email after scanning. In case of urgent documents, one can require the service provider to open the letter, scan content, upload them and offer instant access to the documents.

Virtual postboxes are a game-changer for ex-pats residing abroad – kudos to their emerging prominence. You can choose a wide range of service providers, and here go the six most reliable ones.

Capital Office

Whether you live in the United Kingdom or any other part of the world, communicating with the customers will never be an issue when the Capital Office is here! They give you the option of mail forwarding service in London and from any address in the UK. You can use the central London address provided by this business mail forwarding UK service provider for any purpose, such as receiving parcels, letters, displaying on websites, or giving to the clients for further communication.

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At MyUKmailbox, you get a wide range of services that include the UK street address, a photo service, parcel forwarding, and additional photos of the packages upon a request, to mention a few. Besides, MyUKmailboxprovides you with the email and scan service for the documentation that comes with the parcel.

The mail forwarding service provider brings the ‘buy for me’ service where it acts as the personal shopper. It offers free parcel storage for 20 days (mainly depending on the payment plan), insurance services, tracked shipments, and supermarket shopping.

6 Best UK Mail Forwarding Services In 2k21 2


UKPostBoxlets you select from the free PO Box addresses in the most significant UK cities and prime London addresses. It’s combined with the virtual address that allows you to log in and view, forward, and read the items sent to the desired address. The virtual address comes automatically with the UK PostBox’s mail or parcel forwarding solution.

Irrespective of the part of the world you’re residing in, using premium mail management services helps you view the received mails. You can open them and get them delivered to any part of the world either as consolidated or split packages. Get the UK Postbox address to your favourite cloud storage, from where the received mails flow directly to the app. You get four different prices –Lite, Pay as you go, Premier, and Standard.

Post Central

PostCentralprovides you with the pay-as-you-go email address solution. It offers customers an actual street address in the UK, mainly in central London. Whatsoever payment package you select, two mailing names get linked to the account. If you want over two mailing terms on the account, purchasing the additional mailing names is possible at £10 every year.

PostCentrallets, you tailor the services per what suits you. It only acts on the instructions concerning your requirements for handling the post. It may include opening, emailing, and scanning documents. Parcels and letters can get forwarded to addresses globally.

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BPM provides customers with a virtual mailbox worldwide, having ten reception addresses in a total of ten countries linked to the UK address. It enables them to get and check mail 24/7. Additionally, it also notifies them through the email of the new postal arrivals besides benefiting from scanning, shredding of the letters, and storing.

The BPM shopping service enables customers to shop in 10 countries. Shipments and purchases can get managed through the Internet. Parcels and letters can get forwarded to preferred addresses if you place different orders; BPM stores shipments free for around 30 days. After the time limit, the packages get combined by BPM into a single and easy parcel for delivery.

Royal Mail

Royal Mail provides customers with the redirecting service that redirects the mail to the UK address or overseas address for three, six, or twelve months. Initiating the process might be simple. You can set up mail redirection to offer the names and birth dates in a household. It requires redirecting the mail, address, and postcodes of the new and old addresses.

Arranging redirections take around five working days. You may apply before half a year of the actual moving day. So, this means that you can get it over before you are busy with other preparations.

Wrapping Up

Mail forwarding services are best for small or mid-scale entrepreneurs. Small-scale business owners may face small challenges and hidden costs that one doesn’t expect while initiating a business. A significant challenge is the business mail as well as packages. The best is to run the business from the house itself. In that way, you don’t have to spend money on office space and other essential equipment. However, it has significant downfalls, like not having the home address and business address separated.