Turkey: The Evident Choice for Medical Procedures

Turkey is a major participant in the medical travel industry. It has already established a solid reputation as a destination of choice for a variety of medical treatments.

A new wave of overseas medical procedures is focusing on attaining access to high-quality, low-cost medical services.

Hair implants, LASIK eye corrections, cosmetic surgeries, anti-aging therapies, open heart surgeries, and much more are among the treatments available. Patients obtain high-quality healthcare in Turkey.

The price/performance comparison of medical treatments and surgeries delivered in Turkey is at the heart of these international medical arrangements. Turkey is one of the top countries in the world for medical procedures, according to statistics.

Every year, close to a million international patients from nations with complicated healthcare systems choose Turkey to obtain highly specialized medical care. Moreover, Turkey’s medical facilities are technologically very advanced.

The shocking truth on medical costs

For a fraction of the cost of any operation or treatment in the European or North American countries, you can receive top-quality service in a reputable hospital by world-class doctors.

But it doesn’t stop there. Simply explained;  the cost of eye laser surgery in the UK averages around $3800 per eye and $9600 for both eyes with a legal minimum wage of $1600 in the country.

That is two months of wages for one eye for those living on the minimum salary.

In Turkey, however, $1190 which is a mere 74% of a month’s minimum salary for a UK person will buy an all-inclusive package for the surgery for both eyes, plus the many perks.

What does a typical package in Turkey look like?

  • Your treatment carried out by accomplished medical staff in a modern high-tech facility.
  • Three nights stay at a 5-star hotel
  • Laboratory examination expenses
  • Medications
  • Equipment costs
  • All-round VIP airport and hospital transfers
  • Park & fly
  • Free accommodation for a companion
  • A personal assistant who speaks your language

The Turkish Government takes medical tourism very seriously and remains very competitive to accommodate patients from all around the world.

Especially for the dental treatments, most visitors prefer to combine their medical procedure with a short holiday to enjoy the wonderful nature, beautiful beaches, and amazing culinary scene the country has to offer. Even some dental clinics in Turkey may help you plan your holiday according to the treatment that you are planning to have.


Is Turkey safe for medical tourism?

Under the current pandemic-related circumstances, Turkish authorities and health facilities follow strict regulations. Each clinic and facility adhere to detailed precautions that are heavily inspected by the Ministry of Health. The government has created the Safe Tourism Accreditation Scheme to guarantee that hotels, airports, transportation facilities, restaurants, and resorts adhere to very specific sanitation requirements. This certificate is compulsory to facilitate operations.

For most countries including the UK, Turkey is on the yellow or amber lists for travel which means that air carriers are free to operate direct flights to Turkey.

Should you consider a hair transplant if you had COVID-19?

Hair transplant sugeries in Turkey are generally conducted with high-technologic equipment that lowers the risk of the treatments; however, you should get advice from your local GP and the Ministry of Health in your country. Realistically, you can expect past and existing health concerns to cause delays in your plans whether they are related or not to the pandemic.

The government’s top priority is human and public health. You can fly to Turkey and for a hair transplant if you haven’t had COVID-19 and have tested negative in the last 72 hours. If you are presently infected and receiving treatment, please take care of yourself and keep your clinic informed of your progress. The clinic that you are planning to go to will provide you with a seamless hair transplant experience when threats to public health ease hopefully at the end of 2021, in the coming months.

Are hotels in Turkey safe to stay?

The Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture has ensured that there are thermal scans at hotels and airports alike. Hotel rooms are left unoccupied for a few days between two guests to completely freshen the air quality and sanitize the room.

A considerable number of hotels also adopt touchless app technology so that guests can do self-check-in and self-check-out on their own devices. Some hotels take it even further by providing touchless key systems, room service, and menus. The bottom line is that you don’t need to be worried about the hospitality sector in Turkey.

What do we do to lower the risk?

Even though you are concerned with the number of cases all around the world, you may keep in frequent communication with your clinic and wait for the safest time to travel for your procedure. Keep in mind that the pandemic caused stress and delays for everyone, resulting in further hair loss.

Once the situation is stabilized internationally, the number of patients traveling will increase dramaticall; that’s why try to lock in your dates and appointments to prevent further delays.