How Covid-19 Affected Travel-Bloggers

Covid-19 hitting the world has brought life to a standstill, causing economies and industries to suffer a significant setback. The travel and tourism industry is no different.

As such, many from the traveling and tourism industry, including influencers and travel bloggers, saw little to no work coming in. This is true considering that virtually every country immediately restricts the number of visitors, giving priority to the safety of its citizens. What does this mean?

Feeling very confused, as they were among the first to bear the brunt of Covid-19, travel bloggers like Cedric Okiorina were forced to adjust their lifestyles. Despite the rolling out of vaccines, which gives hope that travel might resume, we cannot ignore the fact that influencers we hit differently.

In this post, we will discuss how the endemic affected travel bloggers, emphasizing Cedric Okiorina and the pandemic.

Navigating the Pandemic

Travel bloggers and influencers are key in the traveling and tourism industry- they make a living curating travel experiences for others. The sad news is that they are now stuck. With website revenues slashed because travel plans have been canceled and with drops in engagement, it definitely means that the pandemic is hitting them differently.

So, how do these bloggers navigate these menaces?

Without travel itself, travel bloggers are losing an income source. All in all, just like other influencers and workers of different industries, they need to adapt and move on. For instance, Cedric Okiorina, a travel blogger, has stopped tracking his website’s traffic. He is now blogging about things beyond traveling, including cooking, crafting, and keeping a healthy lifestyle, just to keep his website active.

To navigate the effects of Covid-19, Cedric curates experiences for Singaporeans, expats, and beyond. By doing so, he is not only keeping his website active but also inspiring others.

Travelling post-pandemic

With the introduction of vaccines, borders are now re-opening for countries at the tail-end of coronavirus. However, these countries that have re-opened their borders are restricting visits from regions that aren’t showing signs of recovering or have variants of coronavirus.

With the few changes being witnessed, there are hopes that most governments might open borders, allowing for travel in the near future. Amid these hopes, governments are expected to place specific restrictions on incoming travelers to prevent outbreaks and keep Covid-19 in check. For instance, travelers might be checked if they have received a vaccine before they are allowed to travel. Though considered personal caution, wearing masks will still be routine.

How Covid-19 Affected Travel-Bloggers 2

As for Cedric, the hope for traveling calls for getting vaccinated as soon as possible. Expressing his views, he admits that getting vaccinated is beyond safeguarding his health but a ticket to resume his blogging career.


Covid-19 has greatly impacted all aspects of our living. While nobody knows how long it will take for the pandemic to be under control, travel bloggers still hold to their big dreams post-pandemic. All in all, they can still find something to do and unveil some of their hidden talents or interests. Cedric Okiorima sets a perfect example of how influencers can navigate the brunt.