Text Fonts Vs Display Fonts: all pros and cons

Be it is phone or book, everything is words. Nothing can match the power of words. Words can also define as fonts. In general, a font is a set of printable or displayable characters in various sizes and types. When a collection of texts gets typed in, a design is called typeface. The typefaces are so many to choose. However, the texts are of two, such as text fonts and display fonts. Thru both have specific features, still people get confused with each.

Text fonts

At first, text fonts are between 8 points and 10 points in size or possibly 12-point type. It will get vary based on the typeface. And also, the text type is small in size. But the quantity is high. The best example for text font is newspaper. Therefore, to offer smooth reading typefaces introduced. The purpose typeface why is designed to read in large quantities at small sizes. Hence, when it comes to sharing essential things, typefaces are used. 

For sure, readers will find easy-to-read text, which is all designed in the typeface. All because it has open spaces inside the letters. Plus, the body of the letter is tall. The way it gets detailed is what highlights the information. As mentioned before, the typefaces are enormous in numbers. 


  • Used for the large quantity of words in small size
  • Easy to read
  • Never confuse the readers
  • Use proper typefaces


  • Using a large number of words make readers skip the words while reading

All about display fonts

The reserve format of text font is called display fonts. However, it is unique. The way it as well as strengthening the content is what its feature. Of course, the typefaces are massive in that typeface-like handwriting is also there is vast. In short, by increasing their size, the text fonts can be designed as display fonts. On the other hand, the possibility to obtain text font by making display fonts small is low. Thus, when used in small quantities make it is even better. 

No matter what, both text fonts and display fonts help to design anything professionally. 


  • Unique 
  • Stand out from the rest
  • Intend to give small quantity content in high quality
  • Have a lot of typefaces and letterforms


  • Using display typefaces in applications where text typeface designs are prerequisites will make it weird. 

Text Fonts Vs Display Fonts

One thing about text font is easy to read. Text fonts are in large quantities at small sizes design to get read. And also, it does not need any other things for its catchiness. Between 6-point and 14-point, it will give the content to the best. Body Type or Body Copy is its other term. Alternatively, display fonts make readers tempted to read the content. That means it will create a mood or feeling or announce important information.

Shortly, display fonts always try to be unique. It has 14 points or larger. Also, typically it gets used in small quantities. Typefaces for display fonts are available enormously. At the same time, a lot more letterforms are there too. Also, you all have come across the pros and cons of both these fonts. So, it would be best to decide what to invest in and purchase fonts that suit your projects seamlessly. Undoubtedly choosing the right fonts need proper attention, so select wisely.