How To Improve Shopify Store Speed

Everyone has probably heard that the slow and stable wins the race. But when it comes to search engine optimization, high performance and page speed are critical factors in achieving eCommerce success. MakeBeCool will help you achieve your goals.

Shopify Store

1. Analyzing efficiency.

Google offers a PageSpeed ​​Insights tool for generating estimates of page speed, designed to speed up your website. It can be used to reveal important elements both for mobile devices and computers separately. It can be:

·         image optimization;

·         CSS minification;

·         JavaScript minification;

·         elimination of JavaScript and CSS that block rendering from the top of the page;

·         use of browser caching, reduction of server response time;

·         preventing redirects of the landing page;

·         compression of some files.

Page loading speed report

Google recommends using the Test My Site Tool to launch pages. Here you can analyze the convenience of using mobile devices, at what speed the pages for gadgets are loaded. You can try it in Test My Site, enter the site address here and scan it. The whole process takes a few minutes. You can also get a free report if you click on the GET FREE button. You must first enter your email address. Detailed results will come to it.

Optimizing speed and performance through Gtmetrix

This is a free tool designed to analyze page load speed. This recommends solutions to problems. Click on the “waterfall” tab and you will see the exact information on how long it takes to complete the request.

Track performance through Pingdom

This service also offers a free option to check your site’s loading speed and make recommendations.

2. AMP will make the page work instant.

This is a standard framework that targets different publishers to create fast-loading pages on mobile devices. More than half of buyers buy inexpensive goods through gadgets. So make sure your site is ready to work with them, loads quickly.

The technology allows you to quickly access the site through a smartphone or tablet. Shopify offers effective apps for reducing page load times.

How To Improve Shopify Store Speed 1

3. Compression of images.

There are different image formats available on the Shopify platform. Compression of images is required for pages to load faster. Make sure that the size is acceptable during the optimization process. It is better not to add a lot of photos to the page.

If using new images, or will work. Other applications can be applied.

4. Downloading a fast and efficient store theme

The theme for the site also affects its speed, so before installing, pay attention to the following features:

·         find a fast topic;

·         make sure that there is an up-to-date copy of the theme, preview it, run the page and see how you can speed up your work (we talked about this above).

After choosing a theme, you need to keep it in optimal condition.

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5. Reduce the number of installed applications

Many applications can add files. The problem is that JavaScript / CSS files run in the background without using the application and degrade the performance of the resource. Therefore, carefully check the applications and uninstall the ones you do not use.

6. Reduce the number of HTTP requests.

You can use a special tool – GiftOfSpeed, which will allow you to specify the number of requests from the page. To reduce them, do the following:

·         combine and insert your scripts;

·         embedded smaller JavaScript and combine them;

·         reduce the use of functional images and designs;

·         reduce the number of social buttons.

7. Reduce the number of redirects and broken links.

Performance can be degraded due to excessive redirects and broken links. The best way to optimize this process is to avoid them and remove them as they are discovered. Our company’s specialists will help you optimize Shopify store speed in the shortest possible time.