Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Artificial intelligence is now well known to any civilized person. He plays against us in computer games, helps protect e-mail from spam, selects recommendations for us based on our online behaviour, builds optimal routes for travel around cities, works as a translator from other languages, controls cars and robots, and even communicates with us in the form of various voice assistants. Behind all these actions are algorithms that process information in a human-like manner or imitate human thinking and behaviour.

Despite the fact that this profession has existed for more than 50 years, now a real boom in intelligent technologies has begun. Accordingly, the demand for such specialists has grown exponentially and to hire ai developer is a useful thing. And in the future, their role in society and the economy will only increase.

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What does an AI specialist do?

Artificial intelligence specialist develops digital expert systems. Using machine learning and neural network techniques, he creates programs that can recognize and interpret various types of data (such as speech or images).

In order to become an artificial intelligence specialist and machine learning, you need to be able to apply logical programming methods and understand the principles of expert systems.

You can get the relevant knowledge remotely. Training in professional retraining courses is available on the basis of an existing higher or secondary vocational education.

Job responsibilities

Artificial intelligence specialists develop recommendation systems, create software for automating the work of large companies, analyzing and recognizing data in real-time.

To solve the assigned tasks, they are engaged in Big Data processing and analysis, describe predictive models, develop algorithms for digital signal processing, machine vision and automatic decision making, and also design human-machine interfaces.

The main responsibilities of an Artificial intelligence (AI) expert include:

  • BigData analysis and processing.
  • Design of automated systems based on artificial intelligence.
  • Development of software architecture.
  • Prototyping.
  • Writing and refactoring program code.
  • Binary classification and quality assessment of models.
  • Create and test demo models.
  • Analytics of robotic processes.
  • Neural network training.
  • Research in Data Science.

To make AI work well, regular machine learning needs to be done

Machine learning is a kind of self-learning of an intelligent system in the process of its operation. Thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence can solve not only those problems that the developer has laid down with a special algorithm but also similar problems with slightly different conditions. Machine Learning is an extensive subsection of artificial intelligence, a mathematical discipline that uses sections of mathematical statistics, numerical optimization methods, probability theory, discrete analysis, and extracts knowledge from data. The learning scheme is simple: there is a certain set of objects (situations) and a certain set of answers (responses, reactions), which are a set of correct pairs of “situation-response”. There is a relationship between situations and answers, but initially, it is not known at the mathematical level. The set of correct situation-response pairs is a training set. Based on this sample, it is necessary to find an algorithm that connects a certain situation and a certain answer. Mathematical analysis of machine learning algorithms is a branch of theoretical computer science known as Computational learning theory.

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