The Main Benefits of Magento Customization

Magento is one of the most popular management systems for e-commerce web projects. Such a platform allows you to create large online stores with huge functionality. The Magento management system is built on PHP and has an open-source code, therefore, if necessary, the webmaster will be able to independently modify and adapt the site to his needs. Take advantage of Elogic magento development services to experience all the benefits of a quality website.

Key features

Using this CMS to work with online stores is advisable due to the following platform capabilities:

  • the engine of the control system is adapted for search engine optimization;
  • multilingual;
  • great functionality for store customers;
  • the presence of many modules for payment and delivery of ordered products, both free and paid, with more opportunities;
  • various marketing tools to improve quality, sales, and make the trading platform more attractive;
  • different types of products that can be sold: traditional, virtual, downloadable, gift cards and coupons, groups, etc .;
  • the ability to manage mailings;
  • the presence of a responsive design, thanks to which the site is well displayed on any device;
  • the ability to sort clients into groups with setting individual parameters for each of them;
  • creation of various types of discounts in automatic mode;
  • huge customer options including wishlists, ratings, and more;
  • statistics and reporting for a certain period.

A large list of features and options is why Magento is valued among users. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, you can quickly configure the main functionality and start making a profit from the project. But in order for the store to work without interruptions, you must definitely choose high-quality hosting for Magento.

Advantages of CMS and features of working with templates

The main advantage of CMS Magento is open source, thanks to which the platform is distributed absolutely free. This opens up tremendous opportunities for users who want to sell online but have a minimal budget. The platform requires a productive server, therefore, it is not always advisable to test it on small projects.

The main advantages of Magento:

  • automatic system update;
  • huge functionality and the ability to adapt to the work of search engines;
  • multicurrency;
  • high immunity to viruses;
  • availability of different levels of access for store employees;
  • functional analytics tools, integration with Google Analytics;
  • useful tools and options for managing prices;
  • fast loading of pages due to the improved caching system, subject to the use of high-performance hosting.

Wholesale buyers are offered ample shopping opportunities with receipts of up to 300 items.

Although the CMS itself is free, in order to get a high-quality and unique template, you will have to pay for its purchase or order. The engine includes a single theme that can be used to familiarize yourself with the platform, but not to fully exploit all of its features. Of course, you can find free themes on the Internet if you want, but customizing them requires certain skills in working with HTML, CSS and PHP at a professional level.

The Main Benefits of Magento Customization 1

It should be borne in mind that templates for Magento have a slightly different structure. The module that is responsible for creating a design includes three elements:

  • layouts with the design of the project;
  • templates for PHP / HTML, responsible for the appearance of individual components;
  • skins that create the design of a web resource, including fonts, colors, order of components, etc.

This means that Magento uses several files in different directories to edit one block. On other platforms, a specific file is linked to a specific block. To use the ready-made template, you must unzip it in advance, and then move the extracted folders to the root directory. The theme is activated through the admin panel. If necessary, the functionality of the store can be expanded by installing additional modules and plugins. Go now hire an experienced Magento developer!

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