Cartel Shows And Movies You’ll Love If You Liked Ozark.

You know exactly what this is about so we’ll dive right in without boring you. Netflix has several movies and series based on drug cartels that you’d love to watch, filled with suspense, drama and action.



Ozark is about a man struggling to save the life of his family and his own after a horrible money laundering case while working for the second largest drug cartel leader in Mexico. The story gets tougher as Marty Byrde moves his family to Missouri from Chicago. Marty saw the blood of his business partner for the same reason and will climb mountains to save his and his own.

Over the episodes and series, it all keeps getting worse for Marty trying to accumulate millions of dirty dollars for the cartel boss. The question remains, will Marty be able to clean up the mess he has created in Ozark Season 4?


Narcos and Narcos: Mexico

The story of Narcos revolved completely around the life and death of Pablo Escobar, the man needs no introduction. Escobar was famous for doing the unimaginable things we’d only see in movies. The series covers all the thrill, action and drama about Pablo and the product.

Narcos: Mexico is a continuation of Narcos and portrays the story of another drug cartel leader in Mexico and how the cartels want the war for drugs to go on. The story is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more!



Sicario is a 2-hour thriller, dramatic, mysterious and crime movie distributed by Lionsgate Films. The movie is about how a team of FBI agents continuously move back and forth the US-Mexico border in the hunt for a Mexican cartel leader. An FBI agent, Kate Macer, played by Emily Blunt, is recruited by Matt Graver, another FBI agent, to help him remove these drug cartels right from the root.

The unique bend to the storyline is that they use a small fish to catch a bigger one. They use Bernardo Saracino to get hands on Julio Cesar Cedillo.


Cartel Land

Up until now, we have spoken about the thrill of drug lords and their lives but Cartel Land is a movie that shows the other side of the story. How these drug wars and the fight for the product affect the lives of those living in the USA and Mexico and both countries’ officials have failed to deliver their promise of safety. There have been innocent deaths, endless murders and corruption.


Queen of the South

Like we hadn’t had enough of Latino drug cartels and their action-packed drama thriller when Netflix gave us Queen of the South. The story portrays the life of a Mexican girl Teresa Mendoza and how her life changes forever when she marries someone who works for the top drug cartel leader and gets killed. They’re now coming for Teresa’s life and she has to do everything under the sun to save herself and her godson.