How Does Mailroom by PackageX help Universities with Package Management?

There is usually a spike in mail delivery services during the first week of settling in and beginning classes. Students prefer bulk items to be delivered once rather than lugging them around.

There is probably no other service that is more critically important to students than the university mailroom. Just thinking about it seems to be intimidating.

Frazzled-looking employees rummaging through an unprecedented number of piled-up packages trying to serve students waiting in line not only to pick up packages but to find out if their packages have arrived.

Despite its importance, the campus mail centre usually isn’t given the attention it deserves. It’s a place where many look forward to getting basic stuff like textbooks, home care packages, dorm room decorations, etc. The focus tends to shift more towards matters such as enrollment, admissions, and learning innovation.

The fact that the university setup is always a buzzing hub of activities. For keeping things organized and efficient, Mailroom by PackageX is an excellentmailroom tracking software that tracks and delivers packages to their recipients, increasing productivity.

Increase Efficiency and Service with Mailroom by PackageX

Campus mail centre workers are unquestionably a very valuable part of their universities. By automating and integrating technology, this tedious task can be streamlined with fewer intensive processes.

By implementing a digital workflow, you can overcome the shortcomings of a physical mailroom. With Mailroom by PackageX, you’ll find the most sophisticated SaaS platform to automate your university mailrooms. It allows you to process mail and deliveries intelligently. Centralizing the information on a cloud service permits instant access to information and ensures compliance with regulations.

The software streamlines the process of handling the growing volume of packages, reduces costs, and ensures enviable operational efficiency, not just in universities but in many other industries, too.

Use Mailroom by PackageX to automate everyday workplace tasks, such as receiving, sorting, and dispensing countless packages. Keep track of the shipping details of each incoming delivery with the help of automated systems.

Features that make PackageX your Best Solution        

An Intuitive App

Recruiting new students is a frequent occurrence in university mailrooms.

Therefore, the system should be very intuitive and easy to navigate. Getting started should be as easy as possible for students with little or no training required. Not just students but also employees will benefit from a system with simple, straightforward workflows.

In that case, the mobile app of Mailroom will scan QR codes, barcodes, handwritten labels and everything in between to fetch information. Packages can be re-routed to an individual or department with ease.

The app does not require manual data entry of packages or mail, minimizing error-prone situations. A single scan of the app can handle up to 50 packages in one go.

Digital Tracking and Automated Notifications

As time went on, mailrooms became relatively passive. Mails coming in the mailboxes and students waiting in lines to see if they’d received a package. This sort of process concerns students today since most are accustomed to being notified of packages and deliveries in real-time.

People expect to receive notifications, communication, and comprehensive tracking features from their mail services. Quite simply, expectations have risen!

Barcode scanning by Mailroom by PackageX will allow employees to access all pertinent information from virtually anywhere. The tracking application can be used to track inbound, interoffice, or outbound packages and provide a detailed history of the time/date of delivery and proof of pickup.

By using a digital mailroom, visits to the mailroom will drop. Packages can be tracked via the app. Furthermore, students can decide how their packages will be handled with Mailroom Connect since it offers numerous features.

Moreover, you ensure that no package is misplaced or missing by coordinating package pickup according to the student’s schedule.

During the package’s journey, notify students and staff at every step. Provide digital proof of delivery for a contactless mailroom. Simply take a picture of the package and recipient to get proof of delivery.

Quickest Shipping System

Customers expect fast delivery when they order something. Offering same-day delivery will help to increase customer satisfaction.

If you plan to send out deliveries and packages, Dispatch by PackageXcomes to the rescue.

You can print custom labels and deliver packages – in a snap.

Easiest Implementation Process

Under constant pressure, university mailrooms are under continuous scrutiny. A disruptive package management system seems impossible to implement even during off-peak seasons without causing everything to come to a halt.

Hence, your new system must be quick to deploy. All implementation processes must be completed as quickly as possible in order to minimize disruption, from integration to training and data migration to testing.

An electronic package management system hosted on the cloud offers a number of advantages over conventional methods.

Mailroom by PackageX’s application does not require any specialized hardware to operate. You can use your smartphone’s camera to scan documents without having to purchase an expensive dedicated scanner. Provide labels and personalized notes to packages for the convenience of the recipient.

Bottom Line

With online shopping becoming more and more popular, universities are adapting their mail operations to accommodate the increased flow of packages. They are also increasing their package pickup options to reflect the instant gratification of online shopping. Typical pickup areas are no longer plagued by long lines and disruptive storage of packages.

Partnering with Mailroom by PackageX, you can make sure your students have a positive experience in the revamped campus mail centre and across the campus by getting information to those who need it anytime, anywhere.

It doesn’t matter how well-appointed your mailroom is; you can always enhance it.