What Is The Top Brand Of Extra Wide Basketball Shoes?

If you think looking for extra wide basketball shoes is difficult then you’re obviously not aware of the different models available out there. Many people have feet that are wider than usual. It’s actually common among athletes. Shoe brands are more than happy to cater to these people. This has not always been the case, however. In the past, people with wide feet had to resort to buying bigger shoes. If you’ve ever worn shoes that are bigger than your feet then you know how uncomfortable it can be, especially for an athlete. Now there are shoes made specifically for people with wide feet. If you’re looking for the top brand of extra-wide basketball shoes then read on.

What Is The Top Brand Of Extra Wide Basketball Shoes? 1

Nike LeBron 18

Is Nike the top brand of extra wide basketball shoes? It could be. Are you even surprised that Nike is on this list? It’s probably the most popular shoe brand in the world. It is endorsed by some of the best NBA basketball players, including LeBron James. And most of these players have wide feet. This shoe is good for both indoor and outdoor courts. The cushioning on this pair is world-class and it has steady traction too. This is the shoe that “The King” wears. If it’s good enough for Lebron James then for sure it’s good enough for you.

Under Armour Embiid One

Joel Embiid is one of the young stars in the NBA today. He surely deserves his own shoe. But he needs something that can accommodate his wide feet. Joel is a big guy and like most big guys he has wide feet. The Under Armour Embiid One is perfect for those with wide feet just like Joel. They will surely love the extra wide base and the lockdown wings. This model works better outdoors because of its thick rubber outsole. It features the Micro G cushioning system, which is one of the most advanced cushioning systems today.

What Is The Top Brand Of Extra Wide Basketball Shoes? 2

Puma Clyde All-Pro

Puma is back in the game and is challenging the other brands that have dominated the basketball shoe scene. The Clyde All-Pro probably has the best traction among all of the shoes featured on this list and that’s thanks to the multidirectional pattern. If you’re wearing this pair then you’ll be able to stop on a dime and run all over the court without slipping. Puma has greatly improved its cushioning system, especially among its basketball shoes. And despite its low-cut form, it offers incredible support.

Air Jordan 36

Luckily for Air Jordans fans with wide feet, there are models that are made for them. The Jordan 36 offers great traction and is good for both indoor and outdoor play. It has excellent cushioning thanks to the patented Zoom Air technology. Though it’s not the best Nike shoe when it comes to cushioning. It has a wide base making it perfect for people with wide feet. And it has a wide base. That’s why it’s ideal for people with wide feet. People looking for the top brand of extra wide basketball shoes, this is a good choice.