What causes sleep disturbances & how to prevent them?

Believe it or not, the more advance our generation gets, the more sleeping problems have become common. We’re prioritizing everything else and ignoring the importance of good sleep. With this said, sleep impairment or sleep disturbances should be diagnosed timely so that its treatment can begin with medications like Zimovane. Otherwise, it will only worsen the quality of life.

Over 100 million Americans irrespective of their age are suffering from inadequate sleep troubles.

Getting snoozed on time is a very important part of life because we’re putting ourselves down to charge mode. Waking up with a fresh mind has become an underrated thing these days. On the other hand, insufficient sleep i.e. less than 7 to 9 hours for adults may lead to health disorders.

No wonder you can get your sleep cycle back on track if you buy Zopiclone on prescription but why don’t you get rid of causes that don’t let you sleep?!

This happens to your body when you aren’t sleeping enough…

If you are not getting a sufficient amount of sleep then your body will not get the rest as desired. As a result, you’ll feel tired all the time. Not only this, sleeplessness is linked with degraded cognitive functions too. This negatively impacts learning abilities in children. Moreover, adults may face psychological issues like depression, personality changes, mood swings, and memory impairment.

It gets difficult for sleep-deprived people to make decisions because irritability takes over their minds. Also, they cannot perform well at the workplace, problem-solving capability decreases, and the chances of workplace accidents increase. Some physical health risks like overweight, heart diseases, and diabetes may follow too.

How to determine if you are suffering from any sleep disorder?

The question is that how would you know if you haven’t slept well for a few days or have a sleep disorder? Here are a few questions you may ask yourself to determine if it is any sleep disorder:

  • Can you control your emotions?
  • Do you have any difficulties with your memory?
  • Is it a daily struggle to stay awake while watching TV or reading?
  • Do you feel like daytime napping every day?
  • Do you fall asleep while driving?
  • Is your productivity at work dropping constantly?
  • Are you struggling to pay attention or stay focused while performing the simplest life activities?

If the answer to most of these questions is not in your favor then alert! You’re having sleep disturbances and it needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

7 Major Causes of Sleep Disturbances

You must be curious to learn about the causes of such sleep disturbances in your life. Here are some common causes of living with sleep deprivation:


Narcolepsy is often referred to as sleep attacks because of its features. People suffering from narcolepsy may feel tired suddenly and they may fall asleep without warning. It could lead to sleep paralysis too. Patients having narcolepsy may want to sleep even after waking up after long sleeping hours. It is a naturally occurring sleep disorder emerging from neurological disorders. However, you may find Zopiclone 10mg as an effective treatment for narcolepsy.

Side effects of certain medicines

You may feel sleepless because of certain medications under consumption. Your sleep cycle may get normalized once you stop taking these medicines.

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

This is a medical condition in which some nerves or a group of nerves create a tingling or painful sensation in your legs. Such pain worsens during nighttime and gets you awake whenever you switch sleep positions. Medicines like Zopiclone 7.5mg could be a major helper in maintaining sleep conditions even with RLS.

Shift-Work Disorder

Many studies have found that sleeping problems are more common among shift workers. This is the reason many of them are relying on medications like Imovane to stay alert and mindful at work. The frequent changes in shift work schedule demands for circadian rhythm reset more frequently. As a result, they may feel sleep-deprived at work and cannot sleep while at home. This increases life risks and accidents at the workplace.

Alcohol Addiction

Certain lifestyle choices also impact sleeping habits. For instance, not sleeping at the same time daily, excess consumption of caffeine or alcohol, not keeping blue light devices away before bedtime, etc are some of them. Alcohol addiction disturbs your circadian rhythm without you realizing it.

Depression or Anxiety Disorders

Your brain is constantly churning thoughts because worrying, stress, or depression has taken over your mind. If the causes of depression or anxiety are resolved then your sleep cycle may get back to normal. Until then, you may spend sleepless nights thinking about the issues going on in your life and worrying unnecessarily.


You may spend sleepless nights after reaching the age of 65. However, it isn’t clear if it is a part of the normal aging process that causes sleep disturbances. But, it could be because of daily medicine usage that may cause sleep problems in older people.

Time to see a Specialist!

Sleep disturbances can be reversed if diagnosed on time. So, understand your body language and try to recognize the symptoms of sleeplessness whenever possible. Don’t delay in consulting a specialist so that your treatment begins timely.