Buying a microwave: Tips for the best microwave oven

  1. What is a microwave?
  2. Microwave, combi microwave: what types are there?
  3. Important properties of a microwave
  4. The latest microwave features
  5. Which Brands Make the Best Microwaves?

The combi microwave has become an integral part of today’s kitchen. You can thaw, reheat or prepare food in it very easily. In the supermarket, most ready meals are even specially prepared for heating in a microwave. Do you already have an oven and are you looking for a nice microwave offer? At you can compare all microwaves from different providers, whether you are looking for a cheap microwave or a slightly more expensive one.

Do you want to save space and buy an oven and microwave in one ? Then see if there is a nice combi microwave offer for you. Below you can read what you should pay attention to when buying a microwave and we give tips for choosing the best microwave and the best combi microwave with the latest technical gadgets.

What is a microwave?

A microwave, microwave, microwave or microwave oven is an oven that heats food by means of microwave radiation (electromagnetic waves). That food can be heated using this radiation was discovered by accident in the 1940s while developing microwave radars used during the war. The inventor, Percy Spencer, discovered that a chocolate bar in his pocket had melted under the influence of the radiation. The company he worked for then patented the microwave.

Much has been said about radiation: is it harmful to health or not? Opinions differ, but it has not been scientifically proven that the radiation from microwaves is harmful to health. In addition, the radiation does not exceed 2.4 GHz, like most Wi-Fi connections and baby monitors .

Microwaves are built in such a way that the radiation stays within the microwave during use. However, it is important to use the microwave according to the manual and not to place metal or aluminum in the microwave. Metal or aluminum can reflect the radiation and damage the microwave. Plastic cannot always be put in the microwave. This is always explicitly indicated on plastic that is suitable for the microwave (for example plates or bowls). 

It is also possible that with food that has already been prepared and that you heat up in the microwave, not all bacteria are killed – due to the short, rapid heating. So sometimes you have to be a little careful when reheating old leftovers from the fridge. It does not matter whether you want to buy a more expensive or cheap combi microwave or microwave oven: they all meet the highest safety requirements that apply to products that work with radiation.

Microwave, combi microwave: what types are there?

There are many types of microwaves. Most people who already have an oven opt for a regular microwave or solo microwave. Do you want to save space and prefer an oven function? Then you choose a combi microwave or combi oven. A combi oven microwave or combi microwave oven sometimes also has a grill function. If you opt for this, you have a microwave combi with all functions in one. A solo microwave – the name says it all – has only one function (microwave) and therefore no oven or grill function.

A microwave combination always has an oven function, a grill function or both. An oven with a microwave function is a good choice if you not only want to heat up your food, but also prefer a crispy layer. For example, think of pizzas or a delicious cake. In fact, there are even microwaves with special pizza or pie baking functions. 

Then you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Do you want to buy a combi microwave? There is something for everyone: from simple, cheap microwaves to built-in microwaves with the latest gadgets. Below you can read more about the most important features of a microwave and microwaves with the latest technical functions.

Important properties of a microwave

Most microwaves have a turntable that ensures that the food is heated evenly. You can often stop the turntable in a microwave oven. This can be useful for a dish in a larger bowl (too big to turn around). So pay attention to this when you buy an oven microwave. You also have the choice to place the combi microwave freestanding in your kitchen, or to buy a built-in microwave. 

Built-in microwaves are usually slightly more expensive than freestanding variants. When buying a microwave, also take a good look at which side the door opens, so that you can easily reach it. Also important: when you have put the microwave in place, is there enough room for ventilation?

If you want to buy a microwave, you first need to know exactly how and what you want to use it for. If you have a large household, a 40 liter combi microwave may be a better choice than a mini microwave. 

Also see what else is important to you. Do you want your dishes to heat up quickly? Then choose a microwave with a high wattage, of more than 1000 watts. If you mainly use the microwave to defrost food slowly and evenly, a lower wattage will suffice. Do you have small children? Then make sure you have a microwave with a child lock or child lock. 

When you purchase a combi microwave, you can choose between an oven with top and bottom heat or one with a convection function. Do you want a crispy crust on your lasagna? Then choose an oven with a hot air setting. Whether you want the microwave to be cheap or you are looking for a small microwave: on you will find an overview of the best microwaves in your price range

The latest microwave features

In addition to the standard functions of a combi microwave, some newer models contain even more advanced functions. The latest Whirlpool combi microwave , for example, also has a steam function: a solution if you want your vegetables or fish dishes to retain their maximum flavour. A bonus: steaming is also one of the healthiest ways of cooking! 

The latest Whirlpool microwave also contains a 3D function, which ensures that your dishes are heated equally everywhere. There are also microwaves that you can operate via an app. Thanks to the device’s internet connection, you can control the operation via your smartphone or tablet. This way you can preheat your oven remotely if you know approximately when you will be home. Useful!

Another example of a smart microwave is the version that counts how many calories are in your meal. Using the microwaves that pass through your food, the device calculates how much sugar, fiber, protein, fat and water it contains. Finally, some microwaves contain an infrared camera. 

This allows you to see exactly whether your meal or drink has already been properly warmed up inside. In any case, the latest models guarantee an optimal taste of your dishes. And heating food in a microwave is even healthier than simply in a pan: because the microwave takes less time to heat the food, the nutrients are better preserved.

Which Brands Make the Best Microwaves?

If you have decided whether you want to purchase a regular microwave or a combi microwave with the latest technical gadgets, the next step is of course to see which brand you choose. Will it be a Samsung combi microwave, one from Siemens or Bosch or do you still want an LG or Sharp microwave? All these big, well-known brands are known for providing good microwaves, with various functions and in different price ranges. The Samsung and Siemens combi-microwaves are the best sold and often also look beautiful and stylish, just like those from Bosch or Sharp. Here you can get your right 4 Wheelers.  

However, a microwave from a brand such as Samsung microwave, Sharp, Bosch or Siemens is not necessarily the cheapest microwave. Certainly not if you opt for a copy with many extra functions. Want one of top quality and don’t mind the price? Then you can also switch to a Pelgrim combi microwave , a Dutch brand that makes top quality microwaves. 

Are you looking for a high-quality microwave, but have less to spend? Then look out for an Etna or Severin microwave . These brands are known for providing good, quality products, but are cheaper than the well-known brands.

Whether you are looking for a cheap microwave or a slightly more expensive variant: you can view them all at your leisure on This way you can easily find a microwave, combi microwave or built-in microwave that suits you.