5 Electrical Maintenance Tips Homeowners Should Know

Electrical Maintenance Tips

The electrical system in your home is directly connected to your safety and the safety of your family. A properly operating electrical system provides enough current to supply power to essential appliances while preventing overloading circuits, overheated wires, and potential fire hazards. A professional residential electrician from Eaton, WA can provide quality maintenance services to ensure that you can always depend on your electrical system.

Follow these simple tips to maintain your electrical system so you can enjoy a safe and comfortable home:

Install an outlet cover

Adding outlet covers to your home is one of the easiest ways to protect you, your family, and your home. They are the first line of defense against shock or electrocution because they provide you with a barrier between live wires and outlets.

Additionally, outlet covers are a simple and smart way to make sure your small children cannot stick their fingers in a socket. It is a very common occurrence for a 5-year-old to stick a metal object in a socket and get electrocuted, which is why these accidents occur more with children than adults.

Avoid overloading outlets

Do not overload outlets in your home. You should never run extension cords or multiple power strips off of one outlet. If you are using extension cords or multi-plug adapters, make sure that the total amperage of each cord does not exceed the amperage capacity listed on the label of the product. Overloading can cause overheating and even a fire. This means that if an appliance or device recommends one hundred watts, you cannot use a three hundred watt power strip to power it.

Watch out for flickering or dimming lights

Many homeowners take electricity for granted. When you notice flickering or dimming lights at home, it is the perfect time to get electrical maintenance done by an electrician from Doubleview. Electrical problems can get worse before they get better, so get them checked out before it’s too late.

Flickering or dimming lights can be a sign of trouble with your home’s electrical components. They may be on the fritz, burning out, or even shorting out.

Replace frayed or damaged wires

Frayed wires are dangerous for numerous reasons. Wires that are frayed increase the possibility of fire starting. If you notice that any of your wires are damaged or frayed, have them replaced immediately to avoid a tragic accident. Do not hesitate to ask the help of professionals.

Schedule a routine professional system checkup

Without regular checkups, your lights and appliances will start to flicker, buzz, and even burn out. Experts recommend having your home’s electrical system inspected by a professional every 3 to 5 years. During this time, your hired contractor will perform an inspection of all your outlets, switches, wiring, breakers, and panels to ensure they are in good working order.

A healthy electrical system is an integral part of a safe and comfortable home. The electrical system in your home should be inspected regularly and maintained by a licensed electrician as needed.

Consult a licensed electrician today

It is important to hire an electrician when you need electrical work done at your home. Licensed electricians can help you recognize and fix electrical problems before they get too serious and cause a fire in your home. They also make sure that your electrical system is up-to-date and in compliance with all local codes and laws. They improve the safety of the entire family by replacing wiring and devices with modern ones.

When you need electrical work servicing, hiring a licensed electrician in your local area is essential for getting projects done safely. On the other hand, hiring unlicensed handymen can be dangerous and potentially cause costly damage to your property. Waste no time and call the pros today!