How to Make your packaging impressive with custom magnetic closure boxes

How to Make your packaging impressive with custom magnetic closure boxes 1

What are magnetic closure boxes?

Magnetic closure boxes are used for any kind of packaging. It has a small magnet at the front of the lid that opens and shuts with one swift motion. Actually, it is formed to give a classy look to your products. The first part of the box is simple and made of rigid material. The second part has a magnet inside the front box divider. As you move the lid to close the box, the magnets pull each other and shut the box safely.

These boxes can be used as valuable reminders and will show your feelings to your customers. These boxes, together with inserts, are utilized to package important and delicate things that can be transported over long distances. These boxes are commonly known as magnetic closure boxes manufactured by thick rigid material. Purposes and uses of these magnetic closure boxes are mentioned below.

Use of magnetic closure box

The Magnetic Closure Boxes are used by many companies and other people for product promotion and packaging. These magnetic closure boxes are used for packaging of the most luxurious products.

These are the best suited boxes used for promotional and decorative gifts for your beloved one.

Flip top box with magnetic closure offers the luxury brand an edge over their opposition as they are the demand of new-age packaging.

How to Make your packaging impressive with custom magnetic closure boxes 2

The luxury product requires luxury packaging. Hence, most luxury brands select magnetic boxes for the packaging of their products. It’s very productive to see the magnets at the front of the box coming together to close it.

These boxes indicate that the product inside is expensive and high-quality. As these boxes are expensive and high-quality themselves, mostly high brands use these boxes to pack their most important and expensive product.

As you have heard,” Any luxury products too easily gained isn’t luxury at all.”

Magnetic Closure Jewelry Boxes

As you know, elegant and expensive jewelry needs a luxurious box for packaging that will increase the beauty of it. Magnetic boxes are well suited for such packaging as they look charming, attractive and also feel expensive. Whether you select to show your jewelry or store it, these boxes are perfect for both purposes. These custom rigid boxes with magnetic closing lid are the perfect option to save your jewelry from dust and damage.

We at ClipnBox Packaging form high-quality custom jewelry boxes. Here we make use of strong, rigid material and magnetic closures that are of the perfect quality. To enhance the quality and long lasting of our magnetic boxes, we utilize high quality box hinges that make it easy to move and attractive to use.

Furthermore, you can print personal information on boxes for gift motive. However, designing and printing a attractive magnetic seal hard case needs professional expertise

How Magnetic Gift Box is Helpful?

Our custom magnetic boxes become even more charming because of high quality printing. If you are searching for such luxurious and attractive packaging, worry not as ClipnBox packaging takes care of all. You can have them printed in your favorite shape, size and color theme according to your own interest. You need to pick your custom design, and you are fine to go.

How to Make your packaging impressive with custom magnetic closure boxes 3

If you use a magnetic packaging box, it will give you sufficient space to add more customization. It has no clips or catches, made of just a plain box that is prepared for customization. This is what springy packaging seems like in the flesh. The magnetic gift boxes are proceeding standard rigid material to a new level.

Custom Magnetic Box with Window

The first reason why decorative magnetic gift boxes are so famous is their attractive and charming design that catches the attention of customers. Additionally, Magnetic boxes have a window at its upper lid and these boxes with clear windows pose a perfect advantage. As they let the customers see clearly what’s inside the box, there will be no room for mistakes. This also keeps the box packaging undamaged as the customers can have a look on the product through the transparent window.

A transparent window is a perfect way to show your product inside. This type of packaging is ideal for letting the customers see the product without opening the box. You can alter the shape of the window according to the shape of your product inside.

Magnetic Boxes for Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic packaging is one of the best features while selling your products. The look of the product plays a great role in whether or not customers are attracted to it, especially if they are searching for that particular type of thing.

As you know mostly, people see what’s inside the package, some things required to be examined before purchasing cosmetic packages, such as how unwilling to accept this material is, its manufacturing price and environmental influence. Packaging has become a crucial part of the marketing strategy nowadays, whether it is clear or not our customers will be getting an engaging design which will make them more attractive to buy products than any others.


These boxes are used to send classy high-quality gifts to your customers, friends, and beloved ones from a long distance. Having a magnetic box for your high-quality products already offers your brand pros because it discharges confidence. You can be very confident in the quality and aesthetics of your magnetic gift box, knowing that ClipnBox cares about your favorable result just as much as you do. Our team wants to assist you to put your best foot forward by giving you printed magnetic boxes made with secure magnetic closures and long-lasting rigid box material. Magnetic packaging box is one of the best ways to decently pack a book, a piece of jewelry, a certificate to give your relatives or friends