The Benefits of Going Green: Business Edition

Going Green

The benefits of going green are many. You can even reap the rewards of being environmentally friendly without having to spend a lot of money or time on it! In this blog post, Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny will take you through ways your business can go green and the benefits that come with each.

Reduce Waste and Save with Recycling Bins

Recycling could be one of the biggest benefits of going green in business; not only will it make a difference, but you can even get tax breaks along with other incentives like cashback from certain recyclers! Recycle paper products such as paper towels or shredded documents rather than throwing them away into garbage bags that end up sitting in landfills for years. You’ll feel good knowing that those recycled materials are getting put to use elsewhere, and if they’re recaptured times (with how many miles of paper are used in the US every year), that’s a lot of garbage bags you’re saving!

Reduce Pollution and Save with Energy-Efficient Appliances

When you’re shopping for new appliances, make sure to opt for the Energy Star products; they may cost a little more upfront but will end up saving you money in your electric bill! Energy Star was recently extended into home electronics like computers and televisions, so that’s another area where you can go green and start reaping those benefits. Just remember: when it comes to this type of thing, don’t think about spending now – think about what you’ll be saving later on!

Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Green Vehicles

With the rise of more fuel-efficient cars, there is no reason not to use a vehicle that won’t cost you as much money. While hybrid or electric vehicles may be pricier than their standard counterparts, they’re still cheaper in the long run because you’ll spend less on gas! If those kinds of cars aren’t available for you just yet due to budget constraints, consider recycling instead or buying used ones so that others can benefit from them as well. Cars are only one part of reducing your business’s carbon footprint; fleets services such as trucking companies know how important it is to take care of our environment now and days. They offer “green” fleet solutions which help cut down on emissions.

Reduce Water Consumption

Another great way to go green for businesses is by reducing water consumption. Water costs are constantly rising, so you must do your part in saving! Some ways of doing this include washing machine settings (over 90% of the water used during a load comes out as waste), installing low-flow showerheads and toilets, or even taking shorter showers! Any amount saved is helpful – don’t wait until you’re forced to save due to shortages like we’ve seen recently in California.

Use High-Efficiency Lighting Systems

It’s not just about the equipment you use, but also how much of it! Going green doesn’t always mean doing away with all forms of energy; some companies are even using wind turbines to help power their business. The key is finding a way that suits your needs and works well within your budget while still ensuring an environmentally sound product or process.

Create Awareness through Education

What matters isn’t whether or not we save money by going green – it’s our planet and future generations who we’re leaving behind. Education plays a huge part in this movement; make sure to educate yourself on things like recycling practices so that everyone can learn from each other! We may have started as individuals, but we’re all part of one big community and need to look out for each other.

Let’s face it: going green isn’t easy in today’s economy, so don’t expect to switch over overnight! Take baby steps if you have to; start with something simple like replacing your light bulbs or taking shorter showers until it becomes second nature to you. If the world around you is changing, it’s time for your business to follow suit!