How to choose a chef knife?

Choosing a chef knife can be challenging for many inexperienced and non-professional people as well as for beginner pro-chef. A simple and short way for experimentalist cooks is to pick one from the best Chinese chef knife. To know the expert guide choosing a chef knife, stay tuned till the end.

What is a Chef Knife?

A chef knife (also known as a chopper knife) is an everyday knife to use in one’s day-to-day culinary work. It is a must-have knife for your kitchen. A kitchen knife is a multi-purpose knife to be used by a culinary artist or homemaker cook as a primary tool. A chef knife has a thick (not too thick) blade and an evenly sharp edge. The handle of a kitchen knife is always shorter than the blade.

Some chef knives are available in the shape of a butcher’s knife. They are a bit thicker than common kitchen knives but noticeably thinner than a butcher’s knife. This extra thickness extends the versatility range of chef knives. However, they are still not the right choice to chop hard bones and similar items

Anatomy of a Chef Knife

A kitchen knife usually has the following features: 

  • An excellent sharp edge of the blade
  • A space between the heel of the blade and the handle for resting the index finger
  • The tip is sharp and usually pointy 
  • The spine of the blade is always similar to a straight line 
  • The handle has a comfortable design for a one-hand grip
  • Usually not too heavy, but strong 
  • The typical length is 6 to 14 inches
  • The ideal length is considered eight inch 

However, like food habits, cookware tools are not universal. Thus, the physical appearance and attributes of a chef knife shift and differ from culture to culture and region to region. 

Best Option to Use

A kitchen knife is frequently used for the following culinary tasks: 

  • To chop boneless meat
  • To slice greens and vegetables
  • To split some joints 
  • Finishing touch up for many cuisines
  • To slice nuts and herbs
  • As a secondary knife while using a butcher’s knife

Experts’ Guide to Choose a Chef Knife

Expert culinary artists have a set of preferences to select a suitable chef knife. Below is the list with details of their top priorities to pick a chef knife as the primary tool:

Comfort of Handle

A professional cook sorts out a chef knife, first examining the handle. If the handle is NOT comfortable, that is enough to reject the knife. As one will be using this blade for most of the culinary preparations, a firm and comfortable grip of the handle is a must. 

Pro Tip: 

Look for an ergonomic design and user-friendly surface handle for a long time use.

Handle Material

Handle material is important for the safe use of a chef knife. A handle made of slippery substances will increase the risk of the knife slipping during pressure use. Moreover, it will increase the risk of getting injured due to slip and fall. 

Pro Tip:

Use a grip cover for extra comfort and more slip resistance

The sharpness of the Edge

The sharpness of the blade’s edge of a chef knife is an equally crucial aspect along with the handle. As a cook uses the kitchen knife as the primary instrument, it needs to be reasonably sharp. 

Pro Tip:

Go for brands known for sharpness.

Blade Material 

The material of the blade is important to determine the longevity of a chef knife. Though a kitchen knife forged from high-quality material is expensive, it is a worthy investment. As a high-quality knife breaks seldom, you do not need to buy it frequently.

Pro Tip:

Try to buy a genuine stainless steel knife. 

Option to re-sharp the Edge

Due to frequent and occasional heavy use, the edge of the chef knife tends to wear out within a year for a quality blade. If you can re-sharp a blade, that will save some money. 

Pro Tip:

Buy a bit thick blade. 

Weight of the knife 

A perfect chef knife for you will be comfortable to lift and maneuver for a longer duration. However, individuals with strong and large muscles will find most chef knives extra light. 

Pro Tip:

If possible, trial the knife by lifting it before purchasing. 


If you follow the experts’ guidelines and pro tips, you can easily choose the right chef knife for your culinary passion. A good kitchen knife will be a worthy inclusion to your collection of cookware.