Which is better – Green Card or L1 visa

Green Card

We can be sure about a green card and an L1 visa that they can land your feet on the premises of the United States legally. Both can guarantee a safe stay and nothing to worry about when you roam around the corners of the state that you are in.

But if you are just at the beginning of the process, you may wonder which is better. And here at Ashoori Law, we will site the differences and advantages that it can give you. So brace yourselves as we unravel all the things that you need to know between the two. 

L1 visa: An Overview

Before talking over which is better, let us deal with them one by one first. It is better to know them individually before we make a comparison. 

An L1 visa is given or granted to an individual whose parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate in the United States of America wishes to transfer you there. The purpose of the transfer must be that the person in the offer must be an executive or manager. 

They must hold a position that authorizes employment and termination of employees that will benefit the company. 

Green Card: An Overview

On the other hand, a green card possesses more power than an L1 visa. It is a physical card that proves the permanent residency of the holder. Therefore, the holder of a green card can legally work in the US. And they can reside in the United States of America anywhere and anytime. In addition, they can travel in and out of the country whenever he wishes to. 

But before a person can apply for a green card, he must have an immigrant visa first. Then after gaining the green card e or she can file for citizenship for three to five years. 

Also, the green card can be beneficial to the holder’s family as they can petition them. 

The difference

Now let us tackle the difference between the two. We suggest that you read them carefully for you to acknowledge which one is better for you. 

Green card holders possess better powers when it comes to residency, travel, and employment. Since they hold the permanent residence, they are treated near to a citizen already. In addition, the green card holders can bring their family over in the power of petitions. 

In addition, the green card can be tied over to the job of the newly petitioned family member. Thus no problems with their visas. 

On the other hand, you should obtain visas before they travel to the United States of America. But, at the same time, you can possess a green card right after you arrive in the country. This is the fundamental difference between the two. Now, if you have calculated your stay and the conditions of your visit, you can determine which you will apply for. 

Visas have expirations as well, depending on the treaty country that you are national with. Also, this depends on the access that you are going to get, unlike a green card. It does not have a specific expiration and can also lead to citizenship. 

Furthermore, visas don’t usually end up to permanent residency, unlike the green card with a high possibility of landing citizenship. 

Which suits you better?

Now that you know the differences and the possible benefits that you can get from either of the two, it is time to choose which suits your needs. But, first, we need you to assess how you will stay in the United States of America.

Also, know what you prefer to do in the United States of America. Are you there for business or as an employee? If for business, like your own investments, an L1 visa is not the one for you. But you can do your own business the moment you gain your green card and citizenship. 

But this means that you have to stay in the US for a more extended period. However, unlike visas, you can calculate your length of stay if you have other businesses in your home country. 


Whichever you choose, it can benefit you so much because not everyone is gifted with the privilege of offering either of the two. But still, it depends on how you need it and your life with your family as well. 

We are hoping that this has helped you a lot in coming to a decision. Thank you for keeping us a part of your life-changing choices.